Nomads Hostel Auckland Review

Nomads Hostel Auckland Review

I was recommended a few hostels for Auckland but chose to go with Nomads as they were the cheapest. Located on Fort Street just off of Queen Street, it was a brilliant central location. The airport bus dropped us off basically outside and check in was easy – they even signed us up as Nomads members. We were located on floor 3 out of 7 – I’m glad to say they had a working lift! It was a friendly and relaxed hostel but due to it being mid-winter felt very quiet.


The staff here were friendly and helpful – including those in the mad travel shop. I liked how they checked we had a room key every time we walked through reception – it certainly made me feel safer than in most hostels. When we asked for cheap things to do with our only day in Auckland they were very with ideas and instructions on how to get to these places.


Communal Areas
The kitchen was clean and tidy with most appliances working except for the two ovens, which seemed temperamental. Still I was impressed to see an oven in a hostel kitchen! There seemed to be enough fridge space however they did have a silly rule about not black or blue material bags being allowed in the fridges – but there were no signs for this. We only found out when our bag was removed. They lacked indoors seating in the kitchen however there was plenty outside. The lounge was also lacking in space as half of the benches were covered with computers leaving not much sofa and chill space.

The hostel seemed very quiet but I guess that was to be expected during mid-winter. Still It had a friendly vibe, free daily 30 min internet and something going on every day. There was a bar attached to the hostel with cheap drink offers every night and fun evening events. The only thing which may put people off this hostel is that the bathrooms were unisex – otherwise I would really recommend this hostel. Great location, clean and good facilities the only improvement would be extra communal seating areas.

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