A Morning In The Blue Mountains With Photos

A Morning In The Blue Mountains With Photos


Back in July we spent three days in Sydney before leaving Australia for New Zealand, high on my ‘to do’ list was seeing the Blue Mountains. My boyfriend’s Aunty lives in Sydney so she offered to drive us out to the mountains and show us around. We left the city early to avoid traffic and make the most of the day as we were also heading out to Bathurst. We had left so early that when we arrived in Wentworth Falls at the Conservation Hut for breakfast it was still closed. Not due to open for another hour we abandoned that plan and headed off to Leura in search of somewhere to eat. We found a beautiful café and deli with a great view and great food – the prices weren’t bad either.

IMG_2128 EDIT 2

After filling ourselves with food we headed off to the small town of Katoomba, a cute little place in the middle of the park. From there it wasn’t far to Echo Point and the Three Sisters lookout. Stepping out of the car we were greeted with bitterly cold winds – which I later found out, was from the snow down on the southern ranges. We didn’t spend long at the lookout due to the temperature. The view however was incredible with a blue hue all around the trees and being a clear day we could see as far as the eye could make out. It really couldn’t have been any clearer, no matter which way you looked there was something catching your eye. The whole place was very empty and deserted but I liked that.

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From there we headed over to the other side of the park and to Govett’s Leap lookout where we found Bridal Veil Falls. The view here in my eyes was even better. You could see even further and out in the valley was bluer – I think this had something to do with the direction of the sun. the Bridal Veil Falls looked so tiny amongst the vast landscape with a huge drop over the edge you couldn’t even see where the water landed!

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We were heading off to Bathurst from here so our trip to the Blue Mountains was limited. Due to our time schedule for seeing the park we didn’t head off on any walks or the scenic world – an attraction where we could go down the steep railway or across the valley on the skywalk. However the views are beautiful and I can see why people would want to holiday here for a week or so. I certainly feel the need to return for several days and properly explore this beautiful area.


  1. 28th October 2013 / 9:49 pm

    Lovely memories of that day Jodie, and the scrumptious picnic that you and JP brought along. The blue on one side certainly was stronger – maybe the sun had been on the trees longer, or it was so windy at echo point the eucalyptus vapour may have been blown away more. It’s sad to see the mountains up in flames at the moment with the bushfires. There will be huge scars for a while but they will recover. Hopefully by next time you come!

  2. 4th November 2013 / 10:58 am

    The southern side of the Blue Mountains was never affected by the fires. All major tourist attractions such as Scenic World at Katoomba, Jenolan Caves and the famous Three Sisters at Echo Point Lookout remain untouched, are safe to visit and very much open for business and welcoming visitors. Details: http://www.visitbluemountains.com.au.

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