Last Impressions of Sydney

Last Impressions of Sydney

Back when we arrived in Oz in October 2012 I wrote about my first impressions of Sydney. During the few days before we left for New Zealand we found ourselves back in Sydney for a few more days. After being stuck in Melbourne for four months it was a refreshing welcoming back to the ‘iconic’ Australian city. Heading back to some of our favourite our favourite places, cafes and beaches it really was a bitter sweet time.

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When we arrived in Oz I was worried I fell too much for Sydney, being the first place we saw, completely jetlagged and over excited. I had pushed away the thoughts of how impressed I was with Sydney but nine months later and I have these same feelings about this famous city. Yes it’s overrated but I don’t care, it lives up to the hype and I do love this city.

It is large and diverse with probably the world’s best harbour at its heart. I will never get tired of looking at the opera house or catching a glimpse of the harbour bridge from a far. With some of the best beaches dotted along the shore it’s no wonder so many people land in Sydney and just never leave. I was so desperate not to be one of those people, I left it until too late to return.

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Bondi Beach still blows me away with its sunrises and early morning fitness goers. Visiting in July was a lot quieter than in October and I kind of liked it that way. With a great bunch of eateries dotted along the edge of the beach it’s the perfect place to grab a leisurely breakfast. My favourites are Trio (a little upmarket) and Bondi Massive (popular with the locals) both with amazing fruit, muesli and yoghurt dishes.

Getting to explore more of Manly only showed me how much more beautiful it was. The main street lined with the surf shops I loved, a young guy playing his guitar and singing to a large crowd and some of the best fish and chip shops – I recommend Manly Fish Market. The beach is gorgeous despite always being busy it has a very relaxed and family feel to it, much different to the party loving Bondi. Visiting this area again only made me realise how I would love to spend a few months living in this area of Sydney.

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The surrounding areas of Sydney such as the Northern Beaches which we visited last time or the Blue Mountains which we checked out on our most recent visit show you just how diverse this area of Australia is. Each area is different and I would love to spend more than a few hours in both parts.  Not forgetting my favourite café in Sydney – Good Day Bronte – located down on Bronte Beach another gem of Sydney’s beaches.

My lasting impression of Sydney and Australia will always be the city of sun and beach. A city I never really got to know but should have. A city that from the outside appears to have everything I could want, all on my doorstep. It’s the place that will keep calling my name until I have spent a few months living there and experiencing a life in a city I think so fondly of and believe me admitting I love a city is huge as  I’m not a city lover at all. 

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