Travel Statistics Month 10

Travel Statistics Month 10

July 12th to August 11th

Flights: 2 – Melbourne to Sydney, Sydney to Auckland
Km’s Travelled – 2873

Buses:  11 – Kiwi Experience around North and South Islands, New Zealand
Km’s Travelled – 2753

Photos Taken:  3921

Countries Visited: Australia, New Zealand

Places Visited: Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Hot Water Beach, Waitomo, Rotorua, Taupo, Tongariro Crossing, River Valley, Wellington, Kaiteriteri, Westport, Franz Josef, Wanaka, Queenstown, Milford Sound

Money Spent In Total: NZ$1419.13 over 19 days, AUD$400 over 12 days

Money Spent Per a Day :

$33.33 Per A Day In Australia – We had a lot of or expenses covered my friends and work during our last week making a huge plus to our budget!

$74.70 Per A Day In New Zealand

This month has been crazy. We started off in Melbourne with a week left in our jobs and ended up in Queenstown with only a few days left in New Zealand. Once we had said our goodbyes and packed up our rucksacks on the 21st July we left for Sydney. Back to where the whole Australia adventure began 9 and a half months ago! We visited all our favourite spots from October and got to explore some new places: The Blue Mountains and Bathurst as well as taking a Whale Watching trip. Come July 24th we took an early flight to Auckland and landed in a grey and rainy city. It was far from sunny Sydney, I hadn’t expected too much from Auckland and I’m glad I didn’t.


We started the Kiwi Experience a few days later and that’s been our way of life since. Our group clicked immediately with a wide age range and very different feel to the kiwi bus reputation. We dug a hole in Hot Water Beach, Black Water Rafted through Waitomo Caves and watched the steam rise from a very geothermal active Rotorua. We then took on the challenge of the Tongariro Crossing in Taupo and what an amazing day that was hiking over snow covered volcanoes. We then horse trekked through pure Lord Of The Rings land – as my boyfriend described it. Spent the night in Wellington with a friend from American Summer Camp in 2011, before heading to the south island. Stops included Kaiteriteri, Westport, the ‘poo pub’ for our Kiwi Experience dress up party. We headed on to Franz Josef where we explored the glacier and rode in a helicopter. A quick stop in Wanaka before ending up in Queenstown where we have swung off a Canyon Swing , Snowboarded on the Cardrona Mountains, explored Milford Sound and eaten too many Fergburgers.

Kiwi Bus Gang with Mt Ruapehu behind

Kiwi Bus Gang with Mt Ruapehu behind

As you can see this month has been insanely action packed and a warm welcome back to the life of travelling and living out of a rucksack. It seems to have passed me by in a blur and already its bitter sweet looking back over the past month.

What Was the Best Bit?

Deciding the best bit this month has been insanely tough, there has been so much going on there has barely been time to sit and think. What comes out above everything else however is the Tongariro Crossing. An 18km trek up steep hills, down steep hills and over snow covered volcanoes. I have never completed a walk so hard before and really enjoyed pushing myself to do something out of my comfort zone. I don’t hike a lot and I’m certainly not physically fit so it really was a test of endurance. I loved the scenery, I loved being in the snow, I loved trying something new and I loved the feeling after completing the walk. If you want to know more about the trek and see some of the photographs from that day keep your eyes peeled for a post soon!

IMG_3668 EDIT 2

And The Worst Part?

With so much incredible stuff happening this month that is really is hard to say what the worst bit was. I hate goodbyes but doesn’t everyone, I injured myself snowboarding but then who doesn’t when they are learning? So the worst part this month has to be leaving Australia behind. I had been so excited to start travelling and leave my job behind I didn’t quite prepare myself for leaving OZ. I may have been there 9 months but I feel I have barely scratched the surface of this beautiful country. After three days in Sydney I fell in love with the country all over again. Knowing I want to return one day but not knowing when one day will be made leaving for New Zealand very bitter sweet.

IMG_1846 EDIT 2

What’s The Plan For Next Month?

Tomorrow we head to Christchurch where we will spend a day or so in the city before a flight to Bangkok on the 14th August. Once we land we have six weeks to get from Bangkok to Singapore – currently our only booked plans are the Singapore F1 Grand Prix and a night in Marina Bay Sands Hotel. We have debated about our route for the past year and have finally decided from Thailand we will head East to Cambodia with a stop on Ko Chang island on the way. We will then explore Cambodia for a week or two before jumping over to Vietnam and spending another week or two there. The last week or so will be spent in the Thai Islands before f lying to Singapore on the 20th of September.


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