What Being On The Road Has Taught Me?

What Being On The Road Has Taught Me?

It’s funny; before I left the UK last year I always thought I was a bit of a tomboy. I wasn’t one of these girls that owed a different pair of heels for each dress and always had a full face of make up on. However since living with the same possessions for the past eight months I’m starting to re think what I thought about myself. Since winter set in I have spent all my free time wearing the same few outfits I have which are warm enough for the weather. I find myself staring at other people in their nice clothes with envy. I see people in high heels and wish I had a pair to wear myself. I see people in nice outfits for going out and wish I had something for those occasional nights out. Back home my wardrobe might be full of clothes but I would regularly wear the same outfits; now I would do anything to swap my clothes for something new and exciting.

Hanging out in St Kilda

Hanging out in St Kilda

I have never had my hair cut in a salon and since getting a REALLY bad haircut when I was 12, the same person has always cut my hair. While being in Australia I have looked and debated about getting my hair cut but still TEN months later and I have not gotten my hair cut. It’s dry and disgusting but with two months until I return home I know I will not bother sorting my hair out until then. I guess I’m just too scared to let anyone loose with my hair in case they cut too much off.  Not only that but I have never paid salon price to have my hair cut and don’t see why I need to when that price is so steep.

I have always taken Wi-Fi for granted especially the Wi-Fi I have had in my own home. I have never considered how many GBs I am using daily because I have always had unlimited internet, until I lived in Australia. If hostels provide free internet, nine times out of ten it has a cap of how much you can use be that the time or MB usage. We have my own pocket Wi-Fi device for our apartment and each month we pay $40 for 10 GB of internet. It is rare we use the internet at home for more than just browsing social media yet by the last week of each month it is normally all gone. I never realised until I didn’t have it how much I value unlimited internet.

I love cooking, be it baking a cake or making the most simple to complex dish I still enjoy it. However since being in Australia I have baked a handful of times and the only food I tend to cook is pasta. Not because I’m lazy or living in a hostel with a bad kitchen, I have the cleanest kitchen in a lovely apartment. But because the ingredients are expensive; I walk in to the supermarket, be it Woolworths or Coles, do the maths and then cannot bring myself to purchase those ingredients. I swear half the time eating out does not cost you that much extra if you’re spending the money on ingredients for nice meals.

IMG_1191 EDIT2

I’ve always loved summer and hated winter but then who doesn’t? The winter in the UK really is horrible but now I’m finding myself on the other side of the world experiencing very similar weather. I always thought I wouldn’t mind winter in another country, I always thought nowhere else could rain as much as it does in England. It seems I was wrong about both. I like the sun and climates which are different to the UK but I do not like winter no matter where I am. It has especially been made worse for me over the last few months because I came to Australia not planning to stay for winter and therefore being very underprepared with little warm clothes and no coat!

Before coming to Australia I had only spent three months maximum out of the country and every time, I came home wanting to travel again. All I wanted to do was travel and I didn’t understand why I kept going back to working in the UK when I could just work my way around the world. Since being here eight months I have learnt that taking casual jobs to save in a city and country you just want to travel in and explore is not only frustrating, it is soul destroying. In order to save lots in a short space of time you need to cut out the things which make Australian life great. You have to stay put in a city for long enough and that’s where I have had the problem. I am supposed to be travelling, I don’t want to stay in the same place for longer than three months. I get restless and start to hate the place I’ve chosen to be. That is okay in the UK but not when you have come half way around the world.


Travelling for ten months has taught me I like short, sweet and memorable trips, not to be continually travelling. It has taught me I do like fashion and having nice clothes to go out in occasionally. It has made me appreciate unlimited internet. It has made my love for summer even stronger. But most of all being on the road has taught me at some point I will need to grow up, I do not want to work behind a bar for the rest of my life.


  1. 17th August 2013 / 10:09 pm

    great self-reflection – a good way to get to know yourself )

  2. 18th August 2013 / 2:27 am

    I travel whenever I can and always encourage other people to do so. Traveling makes us open-minded. You get to realize that the world is so big, with so many different people. Glad you had the chance to discover yourself! 😀

    ~ http://www.thebeachbumbaby.com

  3. 18th August 2013 / 8:57 pm

    Great post Jodie. It’s always refreshing to hear a post about the realities of being on the road. Hope you’re enjoying Asia though 🙂

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