Photo Series – Atherton By Waterfalls

Photo Series – Atherton By Waterfalls

Reading about Atherton and to anyone who loves waterfalls – like me – it sounded like heaven. So we booked a trip with Barefoot Tours, one of the best day tours I have ever been on! Atherton is beautiful, up in the hillside surrounding Cairns the views are incredible and despite the lack of sun we had a brilliant day splashing in the waterfalls and as always taking too many photographs.
IMG_6868 EDIT 2

IMG_6822 EDIT 2

IMG_6817 EDIT 2

IMG_6786 edit 2

IMG_6762 EDIT 2

IMG_6746 EDIT 2

IMG_6741 EDIT 2

IMG_6737 EDIT 2

IMG_6711 EDIT 2

Image 1 // View from the carpark at Josephine Falls
Image 2 // Lower Josephine Falls
Image 3 // Close up of Josephine Falls
Image 4 // Milla Milla Falls
Image 5 // The View
Image 6 // The view away from Dinner Falls
Image 7 // Dinner Falls
Image 8 // Dinner Falls again
Image 9 // Lake Eacham

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