Photo Series – Discovering Fraser Island

Photo Series – Discovering Fraser Island

If there is a place to discover on the East Coast of Australia it’s Fraser Island. Stunning vistas and ancient history and that’s only on the East side of the island. The west side of the island is not open to visitors. The largest sand island with dense rainforest covering much of the land. After our three day trip I felt we had discovered the pure beauty of Fraser Island.

IMG_5976 EDIT 2

IMG_5963 EDIT 2

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Image 1 // Lake Wabbi
Image 2 // Sand bank at Lake Wabbi
Image 3 // Champagne Pools
Image 4 // Splashing Champagne Pools
Image 5 // Looking out to Indian Head
Image 6 // Maheno shipwreck
Image 7 // Maheno Shipwreck Again
Image 8 // Eli Creek
Image 9 // Eli Creek Again

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