Photo Series – Flying Over Castaway

Photo Series – Flying Over Castaway

While in Agnes Water we spent most of our time on Middle Island a beautiful red earthed island surrounded by turquoise waters. The trip was called Castaway and the best bit about it was the joy ride there and back in Bruce’s plane. Flying over this area make it all the more beautiful. This is the last part of the East Coast where you can surf before hitting the edge of the reef.

IMG_6093 EDIT 2
IMG_6069 EDIT 2
IMG_6051 EDIT 2
IMG_6048 EDIT 2
IMG_6041 EDIT 2
IMG_6016 EDIT 2
IMG_6011 EDIT 2
IMG_6010 EDIT 2
IMG_6005 EDIT 2

Image 1 // Sail boats from overhead
Image 2 // A drunken sunset
Image 3 // Dirt track
Image 4 // Nothing for miles
Image 5 // Red track to the sea
Image 6 // The sea from above
Image 7 // The swirl effect
Images 8 // Ripples in the water
Image 9 // Flying over Castaway

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