Travel Statistics Month 9

Travel Statistics Month 9

12th June to 11th July

Flights Taken: 0

Trains Taken: 0

Buses Taken:  0

Photo’s Taken: 753

Amount Spent Overall: $1325.5 ($258 of this is Singapore F1 tickets for September) making total living expenses $1067.5

Again I have been able to purchase most food and small luxuries with my tips from work.

Amount Spent Per a Day: $35.58


WOW, where has this month gone? It feels like no time at all since the beginning of June, yet I have crammed so much in to the last month. Melbourne played host to the Lions rugby tour, we headed up the Skydeck and finally saw an AFL game at the MCG, as well as counting down until we leave Melbourne for the next adventure. Two weeks ago now it hit me that we are not only leaving our jobs and life in Melbourne but we are also leaving Australia! I hadn’t prepared myself for that coming around so soon. Despite the cold this month has seen a lot more sun and we have found ourselves heading down to St Kilda beach or grabbing lunch along the river more than once.

I have been working more than ever over the last month, due to not enough staff and several big events happening. The first of these was the Lions game in Melbourne where for the week before then entire city was a sea of red shirts – it was nice to properly experience the atmosphere of Melbourne during such a big event. Two days later work then put on a massive celebration for Canada Day with food and drink to match. The staff were all dressed up in red and white and it was certainly a day I will never forget. At the end of it all I am just glad to be leaving Melbourne with plenty of money for my travels.

We have been putting the final touches to our travel plans with booking three day tickets for the night race of Singapore F1 Grand Prix and confirming our dates for the Kiwi Experience.

IMG_1358 EDIT2

My Favourite Moment This Month?

I really enjoyed finally seeing an AFL game and getting to experience the magic of the MCG. I’ve had some nice days in the sun and some fun evenings with friends. However the favourite thing of the month has to be our skydeck visit. The views were just stunning, timing it perfectly for golden hour, sunset and then staying there until darkness set it. It really gives you a whole new perspective of Melbourne too. We also went out of the Edge experience although that wasn’t as good as I expected.


The Worst Part?

Being exhausted from working far too much, being on antibiotics again – ones which made me feel terribly ill and not wanting to go out so I can save money for travelling has sucked a little. However the worst thing this month was having my university application be withdrawn. I applied for a Primary Education Degree but to be given a place I have to interview in person, something which isn’t possible from the other side of the world so my application was automatically declined. It would have been a huge rush to arrive home and start the course in the same week so in hindsight I think it was probably a good thing. However the news came after a few brutal shifts and work and so I was feeling rather fragile at the time.

What’s Next?

So much… In 9 days we leave Melbourne for Sydney. This week is packed with finally sight seeing in Melbourne, saying goodbye to friends, last shifts at work and putting the final touches to the travel plans for the next two months. We will then be spending three days in Sydney, where we will visit some of our favourite spots from October; such as Bondi Beach, Manly Beach, that café in Bronte and hopefully head up to the North beaches. We are then hoping to head out to Bathurst and the Blue Mountains. Along with these plans I have a list of a ton of other things I would love to do such as whale watching, a surf lesson and the Zoo. Somehow I don’t think there will be time for all of that! From there we will heading to Auckland and spend the rest of the month travelling NZ landing in Queenstown this time next month J


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