The 5 blogs which inspired me to start my blog a year ago (plus a thanks for reading for these past 12 months)

The 5 blogs which inspired me to start my blog a year ago (plus a thanks for reading for these past 12 months)

The 30th of June marks one year since I first started my blog. Sitting in my flat in London and willing the time away before I set off for Oz, I decided to do something to pass the time and set up The Little Backpacker blog. I didn’t really know the aim of my blog; I just thought it would be a good way to keep my family and friends at home informed on my travels. However, my best ever day of views came before I left to travel and it felt like I was doing something right. These days I feel I have become a bit too serious and much less creative than at the beginning. I aim to change that over the coming months and I think as I slip back into life on the road that will become a lot easier.

For now I want to thank you for reading my blog, liking my posts and tweeting about them – because it’s you guys who follow and share my blog that help to make it seen by more people.

Enough about my blog and me, in this post I wanted to share my five inspirations for starting this blog in the first place. Even a year later these blogs and of course some additions still inspire me to carry on travelling and seeing the world.


Adventurous Kate
The first blog I ever read and became hooked on. It was back in the days when she spent six months travelling South East Asia. I followed each step of that trip feeling excited for her adventure but being green with envy. Now I’m about to head off on my own South East Asia adventure and these days she is blogging about more than just South East Asia but continuing to make me jealous of her travels. This blog will always remain one of my favourites.

I don’t know which blog I stumbled upon first – Pack Your Passport or Never Ending Footsteps, but both I adore for very different reasons.


Pack Your Passport
Honest and beautifully written posts about expat life in Australia and now New Zealand. This blog became a firm research point for my East Coast of Australia trip and info for my working holiday. Reading this blog last year I was so ready to start the expat life in Australia, a year later it’s coming to an end but still I’m trawling this blog for information on New Zealand. The honesty in her writing gets me every time, truly a well written site.


Never Ending Footsteps
A girl who set off with her backpack about two years ago now and has never looked back. I love the diversity of this site from hilarious incidents to being completely terrified. There is certainly no holding back on building tension in the first line of every blog, but it works and grips me every time. Yet again another site I have watched with envy as I read about South East Asia and New Zealand. This blog is certainly not dull and will have you laughing or cringing with every post.

Before you think I only read blogs by girls, my last two favourite reads and inspirations for my blog are the guys of Backpacker Banter and Backpacks and Bunkbeds:


Backpacker Banter
This site is certainly full of banter but that isn’t all – there’s heaps of tips and beautiful photography too. A site which provided me with tons of information when I first started the planning of my Aussie adventure but that’s not all you’ll read about here. Anything remotely about the life of a surfer is laid out on this site with heaps of tips on backpacking, well… THE WORLD. Chris is genuinely one of the friendliest people when it comes to chatting on Twitter too. The layout and friendliness of this blog makes it one of the best.


Backpacks and Bunkbeds
This site had me at the header, but after delving deeper in to this blog I couldn’t stop reading. Having shared some similar volunteer experiences myself, I enjoyed a little reminisce when I first found this blog. Since then this site has inspired me that travel is possible whilst having a full time job, with plenty of travel over Europe and beyond. Again I have read with envy about the Songkran festival celebrations and a long weekend in Iceland, but that’s what makes a blog great: when they continue to keep you inspired to travel.

I can only hope that my writing and photos can inspire other people to travel, even if that’s just one person then I can feel like my blog is worthwhile.

What are you favourite blogs? And what makes a blog inspire you to travel – dreamy photographs or well written posts?


  1. 21st July 2013 / 6:39 pm

    I love a bit of travelporn to get me dreaming of far away places! And a good disastor story of “how it all went wrong”? That’s the most interesting part of travelling isn’t it ?? Lol 🙂

  2. 22nd July 2013 / 4:38 pm

    Was bloghopping and came across yours. You could try the Everywhereist, she has really witty and quirky humour 🙂

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