Grampians National Park – In Photos

Grampians National Park – In Photos

A few weeks back we took a trip out to the Grampians National Park, it was cloudy and cold when we arrived and naturally I was grumpy about this because I thought it was going to ruin any good photo opportunity of this beautiful park. I was wrong, as the day went on the cloud cleared a little and I came home with some great photos of the views I saw that day. Going in autumn was never going to result in those beautiful blue skies you have seen in most of my other photographs of Australia but still I think these are some of the best views. I went to the Granpians on an Autopia Tour, which I will be reviewing over the coming weeks.

Mackenzie Falls and Broken Falls – Yet again to match the cloud disappointment we arrived at the falls to find they had shut the bottom lookout area so our only view point of the Mackenzie falls was from a far distance where yes they did look fantastic but I couldn’t  help but feel annoyed I couldn’t get down to the base for a photo opportunity. The other falls pictured here are Broken Falls which sit above the larger Mackenzie Falls.

IMG_1063 EDIT 2
IMG_1048 EDIT 2
IMG_0988 EDIT 2
IMG_0979 EDIT 2Reed Lookout – The Balconies – Probably the most famous one of all the lookouts and thankfully when we arrived the cloud had lifted a little and we got a gorgeous view of the whole valley only missing out on the tops of the mountains. To my dismay our tour guide would not let us anywhere that wasn’t in the fenced off area and needless to say I was disappointed not to be able to have my picture taken on top of the rocks.
IMG_0949 EDIT 2
IMG_0886 EDIT 2
The view from the Boroka lookout was the most cloudy spot of the day, looking over Halls Gap and at the lakes beyond. I could only imagine how beautiful this spot is on clear day. Still the cloud has given my photos a lovely moody look.

IMG_0807 EDIT 2
IMG_0801 EDIT 2
IMG_0788 EDIT 2
IMG_0773 EDIT 2

We saw so many kangaroos through out the whole trip, at one point we were stood in a field with at least 20 of them. They just carried on eating and sleeping while our tour group stood there and took photo after photo of them.

IMG_0755 EDIT 2

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