Things To Do In Melbourne: Visit The National Gallery Victoria

Things To Do In Melbourne: Visit The National Gallery Victoria

I headed over to the gallery on Anzac day, located on federation square where they were showing the bombers – Collingwood game – we nearly never made it! Still I’m glad we did. It is a large gallery with three levels of galleries and another mezzanine level for workshops and education space.  NGV is also part of the international gallery a few feet away on St Kilda Rd.


With some gallery space for temporary exhibitions and other areas for permanent exhibits you’ll probably need a map to work your way around. I really enjoyed the indigenous art on the ground floor as well as the temp exhibition called ‘Top Arts 2013’.A studio gallery show casing work of all mediums from young talented artists who are based here in Melbourne. Showing not only the final pieces but also sketch books and accompanying pieces. There was also a book to go with the exhibition which includes information on the artists and a small interview or advice piece from them. A book I would have purchased had I not been living and travelling with a backpack before I get home to the UK. This exhibit was inspiring and unlike the work of famous artists felt like something I could achieve if I was to get back in to art myself.


IMG_0437 edit

And these were some quotes written on the walls of the Top Arts exhibition.




This video by Sam Cucchiara was my favourite!

The other special exhibition was the 80’s mix tape – showcasing all different works from the 80’s era. On paper I loved the idea of this exhibition it is the era of post-punk where music and fashion really mattered but when I was walking around the exhibition it didn’t have the same feel I imagined. There were some pieces I really liked but other pieces which felt like they didn’t represent the 80’s. The 70’s and 80’s eras are something I have done plenty of research and work on for previous fashion projects and I left this exhibit feeling a little disappointed. Maybe it was my own fault for leaving this exhibition to last and feeling a little fatigued by the gallery – I tend to find there’s only so long you can walk around a gallery before feeling overloaded and tired.


The permanent exhibitions were split up in to different centuries (19th, 20th and 21st) although the map listed galleries for the 21st century we never actually found the work for that period which was a shame as it was the work I was most looking forward to seeing, however I didn’t enjoy some of the other galleries more than I imagined.

This gallery is big, I feel it was almost too big to take everything in at once. Parts of the gallery may not appeal to everyone – I for one prefer modern art – still it is nice to give it a try once in a while. With winter heading in to Melbourne I would suggest the gallery as a good place for a day out of the chilly weather and to open your eyes to some new art.

All exhibits described are free.


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