Exploring Melbourne’s Laneways – Soupbox, Maps and More Cupcakes

Exploring Melbourne’s Laneways – Soupbox, Maps and More Cupcakes

Last time I brought to you the Little Cupcake, Manchester Press and more. This time I have been exploring yet more of Melbourne’s hidden life. It really is all about word of mouth and being in the know when it comes to Melbourne’s lane ways. When I first arrived a month ago I picked up a few guides and leaflets about the lane ways they provided great maps most of all and a couple of good write ups on the top places. Before I leave Melbourne I want to be able to have my own little guide to those very same lane ways. Here are the maps from my two favourite information sheets.

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Soup Box
Determined to find a café which makes fresh juices we headed down flinders lane and ended up turning down Centre Place in search of somewhere. I didn’t want to choose somewhere that was ‘dead’ as to me that’s a sure sign the place isn’t great.


The Soup Box was busy for takeaway but no so for sitting down – possibly because the inside seating was tucked away, with tiny stools and not much room! With an abundance of soup warmers they have every flavour you can imagine. Still I was here because they had fresh juice – choosing the sunrise I waited to receive my drink – sure enough it was made fresh to order and I was pretty impressed with the taste. Not a great café to sit in however we went back for soup a few days later and sat outside which was much nicer than the inside seating even know the tables and space is still small – but then that’s what the lane ways are all about. They are a great place to pop by to grab a takeaway soup or juice too.


Cupcake Bakery

This has to be one of the most famous places in Melbourne and no hidden secret that they have some of the best cakes around. We headed in to the one on Flinders Lane/ Elizabeth St to grab a tea and cake late one afternoon. They were extremely busy the whole time we were sat in there, again somewhere which doesn’t have a huge seating area. Still it’s not needed as most people are just coming and going buying cakes for themselves or friends. By the time we left they had practically sold out of all but three types of cupcakes and they were still open for another two hours yet. I think that just shows how popular this place is!


The Journal or City Library Café

Fran from TLB showed me this little place, again on Flinders Lane however really easy to miss if you don’t have your eyes open. With steps up in to the entrance you feel high up looking over the lane once inside. The décor is beautiful and you get a real library feel because of that. Small but warm and cosy this is a great place in the heart of the CBD to come a have a sit down coffee, tea or wine if you prefer.

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