My Place – Adelaide Backpackers Review

My Place – Adelaide Backpackers Review

A small and friendly place situated on Waymouth St towards the West of the CBD. It is within walking distance of most things and for Glenelg there is a tram. The atmosphere in the hostel is one of the most friendly I have ever come across. With many long termers there I expected to feel like I have at other hostels where they are a close knit family and can’t be bothered with new people only staying a short time. However this hostel was the complete opposite.


Communal Areas

They had a lovely balcony out the front of the hostel building overlooking Waymouth Street. Well-kept and decorated it seemed to be a favourite among most guests, perfect for sitting out in the evening and drinking at over the weekend. There was also a large tv room with plenty of space to sit on bean bags or sofas and a huge collection of dvds. The last communal place was the kitchen always kept perfectly clean and tidy with enough space and cooking facilities for all the guests. The only negative was the toaster lived behind reception and wasn’t always accessible.



The staff were some of the friendliest people, most backpackers just like you and me. They did the most amazing job to keep the hostel clean and tidy as well as being friendly and talkative not only to the long termers but the new guests too. It is a small family owned business and very well run.

DSC03600 edit

The hostel was small but like advertised it really felt like a home away from home – rather than a hostel. With only 11 rooms and each a 6 bed dorm it was easy to make friends with everyone. They also provided free wifi which most of the time was brilliant. There were parking spaces for free use along with a ping pong table and plenty of books to swap with. The only negative for me was the free breakfast consisted of cereal or pre boiled eggs, being fussy I don’t like either. However the hostel was perfect for us and I would really recommend it to you.


  1. 7th May 2013 / 6:08 pm

    That kitchen looks cleaner than the staff room of where I used to work! That’s a very clean looking hostel.

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