MIB Review

MIB Review

‘Melbourne International Backpackers’

For two and a half weeks we stayed at MIB before finding our apartment. After the disaster at Coffee Palace back in November (however speaking to others we are not alone there) we spent a bit of time researching hostels for our return to Melbourne. Thankfully our research paid off – well asking others for recommendations – as MIB has been great for our time there.



The first three nights here we spent in a 2 bed dorm room at $33 per a night. This is different to a twin room where you get both beds, in this 2 bed room they sell each bed separately so we were lucky to get both beds. The following two weeks we were then in a 6 bed dorm, which was large for the amount of us and was great except for the lack of air-con – one small fan was not enough! With three floors it is a huge hostel but they have the facilities to match a huge bathroom for both male and female on all three floors. A large kitchen area with plenty of hobs, sinks, prep space, cutlery, plates etc – the list just goes on and on it is such a step up from every hostel I have stayed in where you have to wait to cook. Not only is there ample cooking space but also a walk in fridge to store food along with plenty of shelving for ‘dry’ food.

Communal Areas

These areas include a large seating area in kitchen/reception area, with a few sofas, tv and computers which are averagely priced internet (and wifi available). Also for communal areas there was a tv room, reading room and conservatory although both the reading room and conservatory were closed at 10 pm every night.



The staff are very friendly and helpful – with 22 hour reception they close for two different hour periods in the day. The atmosphere on the hostel is very laid back and chilled with many long termers with jobs as well as plenty of party goers. MIB are linked to the OZ Fluid bar downstairs which has something on every night and plenty of discounts. The staff do a good job to keep the place clean and tidy despite the huge amount of people that are staying there every night.

The best part about this hostel is the brilliant free breakfast of pancakes, cereal and toast. You get a great selection of everything and the pancake mixture never runs out.  The only negatives are each room only has one fan so during the heat wave on the first week it was unbearably hot during the night. The other thing is that the key cards they provide you with tend to stop working A LOT, although I think that might have just been me. Otherwise this hostel is a very well-run place with friendly staff, a great breakfast and atmosphere. I would really recommend this place.

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