5 Things To Do In And Around Sydney

5 Things To Do In And Around Sydney

IMG_4715 EDIT 1. Watch Sunrise On Bondi Beach – People always told me you get amazing sunrises and sunsets in Australia and they were not wrong. Bondi sunrise is one of the most beautiful times of day as you can see from my photo essay here. Not only is it beautiful but it seems the best time to be running or doing fitness classes on the beach the atmosphere is just something I have never seen before.

week1 (3) 2. Take The Ferry To Manly – It’s the best way to travel to Manly you get to watch the city shrink in front of your eyes, see the Opera House from a whole new view and then parts of Sydney you wouldn’t get to see. Arriving in Manly took longer than I expected (around 20 minutes) but once we arrived I realised why everyone raves about Manly.

IMG_4276 edit

3. Walk Round The Botanic Gardens – They are huge and wonderful not just like Central Park or Hyde Park this is a proper gardens. All types of different trees and flowers we didn’t go just to see the plants but still found ourselves wandering around looking at them. Occasionally you’ll even see an eyeful of the Harbour Bridge.


IMG_4254 edit

4. Have Breakfast In Trio – A café in Bondi which soon became one of my favourite places I have been to eat. The café has an open front and looks out to the beach – apparently the front tables are sort after but we were lucky enough to get one. The food was just incredible – I was blown away by presentation (little bit pricey but that’s to be expected when it was that good).


5. Check Out Darling Harbour – This area in downtown is one of the nicest parts with a small grassy area, palm trees, food places and then the harbour itself it’s a very busy and popular part of town. Hidden away from the rest of the main harbour but I like that about here. Most Saturday evenings they hold a fireworks display here. 

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  1. 6th April 2014 / 6:18 pm

    Nice round up! I’m going later this year. Can’t wait! 🙂

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