Reviewing my Rucksack

Reviewing my Rucksack

Berghaus Jalan Travel Pack 65l + 15 Add On

I gave you my packing list for a working holiday but where do I put it all?…

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The first time I took off to South Africa I invested in this rucksack after using it for 2 years I thought it was time to give my thoughts on what I think.

Finding the bag

When I was searching for a rucksack I wanted something that had wheels and rucksack straps, I wasn’t sure of the size but it had to be affordable. I spend a day searching around camping shops but ended up making my purchase at Millets for £100 in the sale. I was lucky to find the bargain I did as it was the last one they had in stock – despite being a green colour I am not too keen on I decided I couldn’t be too fussy or I’d never end up with a rucksack!

What is the quality and size like?

To this day I’m yet to use the extra add on pack as I have my own day pack already and every trip the main 65l has been enough room. The bag is split in to two compartments a larger top half and a smaller bottom half, much like most rucksacks you can buy. The rucksack straps are tucked away in a zip area on the back so you only need to have them unzipped when you want to carry it on your back. The only thing I find is the handle is hard to use with the wheels as it is very low and makes it an awkward height to pull along – unless you’re me and a shortass! The quality of the bag is GREAT, the material is strong and the zip has withstood being over filled so many times. It comes with a rain cover but again something I have never used on the bag as it withstands a fair amount of water before it starts to get wet and by that point I’ve normally found somewhere to shelter.

The good bits?

This bag doubles up as a great seat when waiting – because of the sturdy bottom with wheels it is easy to perch on when the bag is stood up, unlike normal rucksacks that don’t stand up on their own. The other great thing about this bag is that because the top compartment zips the whole way around it is much easier to pack, organise and find things during your trip.

Anything bad?

My only problem with this bag has been that because it is a large size of 65L when I carry it on my back I feel rather top heavy and unbalanced which has resulted in me falling over and having to be hauled up by strangers several times in America in 2011. Once it’s on my back and I’m walking it is fine but if I need to bend over or anything that results in unbalancing myself I tend to fall over – this is a mix of always over filling my bag and only being 4ft 10ins tall!

Would I recommend it?

Yes and No – since I bought this bag two years ago this make and type has been discontinued. The one they currently stock is 10l bigger and that 10l is very noticeable. I just bought a similar bag for my boyfriend with wheels, rucksack straps and a pull up handle for use with the wheels – this is the one thing mine lacks! I would recommend a bag that has wheels, rucksack straps and a handle but also something that is smaller by 10L or so as this one at times feels too big.


  1. Ron
    5th August 2013 / 8:04 pm

    Hey, I came across your blog when I was searching for a Berghaus backpack. You mentioned that you bought a similar bag for your boyfriend with wheels, rucksack straps and a pull up handle for use with the wheels. Is it a Berghaus brand? Could you give me some info or link for that backpack so I can check it out. Thanks!

  2. 6th February 2014 / 2:45 am

    OMG that things bigger than you 🙂

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