5 Things To Do In London

5 Things To Do In London

1. Go to Camden Market – A place where you will be surprised on every corner. You will find people with wacky dress senses, all colours of hair and a face full of piercings, people sat doing art with spray cans, an amazing choice of all types of food, two markets the new and the old, stores that sell everything from clothing, hair dye, hello kitty merchandise, old books & CDS and artwork. It’s one of my favourite hangouts in London and the nightlife its great too.

2. Eat at the World’s First Hard Rock Café – On the edge of Hyde Park and Green Park this café and museum is the first one of the chain to open (I know I too thought it was an American Chain). With guitars and pictures covering the walls to show past stars who have played and dined in those four walls. Every year to celebrate the opening of the café it goes back to the original menu and prices on the 14th June.

3. Walk around Hyde Park or Regents Park – The two biggest and most iconic parks of the city are a must see, especially around 6 – 7 in the evening when all the workers have finished for the day and come to the park to chill out and do some exercise. I love just sitting and watching the people engaged in their run or game of one sport or another but there’s no reason not to join in!

big ben

4. Stand Under Big Ben When He Chimes – Hearing the bells around the city becomes a familiar sound pretty soon but there is nothings like seeing how big the clock is up close and hearing the bells run through your skin as they chime above your head.

5. Get Lost In Harrods – One of the most iconic shops in London and a magical place around Christmas time. With five floors and so many different sections it is too easy to get lost. From the most expensive clothing to the priciest food it is somewhere you go to look and not spend but a trip to London is not complete without playing with the toys and taking more samples than necessary in the food hall.

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  1. 15th February 2013 / 4:36 pm

    Thanks for the advice: will make use of it when I’m in London in Mai.

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