Travel Statistics Month 4

Travel Statistics Month 4

Month 4 – 12th January to 11th February

Flights Taken: 0

Trains Taken: 0

Buses Taken: 0

Photo’s Taken: 354

Amount Spent Overall: $1022.50

Amount Spent Per a Day: $32.90


The last month of staying in the same place, in 9 days we will be done with regional work. As much as this month has just been the same as the last two for me it has been better. We have been more involved with other people and social activities – the boat management have been doing a better job to organise things for the whole boat. Not only that but we have spent a week ‘vining’ which involves sawing, snipping and pulling down grape vines growing among Orange trees – this was paid hourly work so a very welcoming addition to my bank balance! During this week we were treated to the sight of a wild kangaroo several times – he didn’t seem afraid of us and would just sit there watching us – I think I was more intimidated by him but trust me you don’t taken seeing a kangaroo in the wild for granted. We have also celebrated Australia day this month Waikerie style, had a party for Superbowl and finally made it to the local swimming pool for our day off instead of sitting around on the boat and complaining we are bored. I know that sounds like nothing but when you are in your third month of regional work it is the small things that count.


What has been my favourite bit?

I have already written about how great Australia Day was here in Waikerie, but my favourite day here this month has to of been a few days ago when we headed up to the swimming pool. In normal life this would be nothing but when you spend hours of your day dreaming of Airlie Beach lagoon while picking oranges at the top of the ladder in the baking sun, getting to finally have a swim and chill away from the boat for a few hours completely refreshed and relaxed me.

The Worst Part?

We have been working a lot more than anyone else on the boat this month and in turn on big ‘party’ nights we have been tucked up in bed. That’s okay until you are woken multiple times in the night by noise outside your door, or in the room above. So the worst part this month has to be having enough of living in a hostel where everyone wants to party every night they don’t have work the following day.

What is in store next?

We will be leaving here either the 22nd or the 24th and heading on to Adelaide for a few nights to catch some of the Fringe Festival. From there we are planning to hire a campervan to drive to Melbourne via the coast and Great Ocean Road (More on those plans in another post). We are then planning on giving Melbourne a second chance and settling in to life in a city again. With lots of our friends from regional work being there and the small matter of F1 tickets it seems to make sense.

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