5 Things To Do In Cape Town

5 Things To Do In Cape Town

‘5 things’ is a new feature I am starting where I share with you my 5 favourite things to do in the cities I have visited over the past few years. These are not the top tourist things to do nor may they be the best things to do in the city but they are my favourite things to do, things I want to share with you so that you can see more of a city than what a city guide book tells you.

1. Visit the Market

They sell beautiful handmade jewellery, art work of all types, clothes and much, much more. If you don’t like the price it is easy to barter with the owner and get the price down. I found this particularly easy if you are buying more than one item from them. As much as I loved the market and the vast variety of what they had on offer, it’s important to be careful with your belongings as it’s a notorious place for pickpockets to hang out.

table mountain

2. Climb Table Mountain

I was very against this idea and like many people wanted to take the cable car up however climbing myself was one of the best experiences ever. The whole way up you get to see different views from all different heights. As much as your body is screaming at you to stop once you get in to a rhythm it really isn’t too bad. Still even if you can’t face the walk at least make sure you get to see the amazing views from the top.

robben island

3. Visit Robben Island

The place where Nelson Mandela was held for many years is open to visitors all year round. A trip which must be booked weeks in advance but totally worth it, shown round by an ex prisoner and given talks by others you really start to get a sense of how bad this place was during the prison days. After spending time here it made me really want to find out more about Robben Island.

Camp's Bay, Cape Town

Camp’s Bay, Cape Town

4. Watch Sunset over Camps Bay

Before I visited Cape Town a friend told me this was one ‘must do’ and that the sunset was spectacular. I have to say they were not wrong, after waiting several hours for the sun to set we were rewarded with a beautiful view where the sun set over the sea. There are many restaurants and bars worth spending some time in along the sea front while you are there.


5. Party on Long Street

The most famous party street in Cape Town and a great night out. Take a walk in any direction and you can’t walk past more than a few buildings before finding a bar or club with drink offers on. And that is pretty much the story all night long with places staying open until very early morning only to sleep a little and it all start again.

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things to do in Cape Town

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