Somewhere To Stay Hostel Review Brisbane

Somewhere To Stay Hostel Review Brisbane

We literally used this hostel to sleep in and nothing else as we arrived early afternoon and spent the rest of that day in the city and then the following day left at 9am. But I still wanted to review the place as we did spend a night here and it is a place I would have liked to spend more time at. Upon arrival we found out we had been upgraded to a room with TV, fridge and balcony instead of a simple double room like we were paying for. At $59 per a night, a lot of the reason for choosing this hostel was the cheap price of the double room.

We certainly didn’t get to experience much of the atmosphere socially but could hear a lot of fun and singing going on during the latter part of the evening. The whole hostel had a very tired but loved feel to it. With built up trees all around the buildings you really couldn’t see the whole hostel at one glance and I think it was probably bigger than we realised.

We were picked up on their hourly free bus which was great as the hostel was a long walk, but as we arrived half way through the hour we ended up having a long wait until the bus arrived. The staff were friendly and helpful to us upon check in. They were quick to tell us about where their free bus stops and good places to grab cheap food. Although several of their signs up were old and out of date, the staff had the up to date information.

Communal Areas
We glanced in at the TV room which looked busy and very comfy with many sofas. There were several areas of benches and places to just chill out as well as a pool and hammock area. They also had a very well equipped kitchen with lots of space to cook and prepared food along with large storage space to keep food. It all looked very clean and tidy.

We booked this hostel purely on the cheap price of its double room, but once we arrived I was very glad we had booked this hostel. It seemed friendly and, although located in the west end area of Brisbane, was well connected by the free hourly hostel bus or by walking to south bank which was less than 15 minutes away. It seemed a little tired and old but still felt clean and homely. I get the feeling a lot of long term people live here and work in the city but unfortunately we were not there long enough to chat and find out.

I would recommend this place if you are looking for some cheap accommodation just outside of the main city but if you want to party the night away I wouldn’t just take my word on the evening sounding lively.

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