Noosa Backpackers Resort Review

Noosa Backpackers Resort Review

I found this hostel a little strange overall despite how perfect and lovely the location was. Situated in Noosaville I was concerned it was too far away from the main part of Noosa but the Noosaville area is beautiful. A two minute walk from the river with several docks to sit on and even a small beach area if you keep heading along. The hostel itself had a bar, pool and own restaurant but while we were here…it was closed!!

Our Strange Out The Back House

We only really used this hostel to sleep in again as we had one day to see Noosa so made the most of it before leaving the next morning. When we arrived at 1 pm there were several people sat in the communal areas as well as people on the shuttle bus but everyone seemed to be keeping themselves to themselves.

They all seemed friendly enough however were really not forth coming with information on where anything was in the hostel, or where to go and what to do in and around the hostel. We pestered for this information but I still felt we had very little told to us.  It wasn’t until I asked about their onsite restaurant that we found out it was closed.

Our Room
This was the strangest part of our stay here – where our room was located. You had the main hostel area on one drive way with the communal areas and majority of rooms. Then our room was located around the back of this area on the second driveway. The stairs up to the rooms said staff only and that was exactly what it felt like a place for staff with a small kitchen area, huge TV and sofa along with 4 rooms and one bathroom. In the communal area of these four rooms was a bed that someone else was sleeping on and during our quick trips to our room we commonly found staff upstairs watching the TV etc. It all felt very strange and like we had been put in the middle of the staff rooms.

Communal Areas
Again something we didn’t get time to check out or use but they did have a pool, large areas with benches for chilling, a small little bar where the prices look pretty good! A kitchen area with yet more seating, a bbq, internet café, travel tour desk and the restaurant (which was closed).

Our whole stay here felt a little strange with where our room was located, and the next morning we were very frustrated to only have one shower between everyone. We waited 30 minutes before giving up hope as we need to have breakfast and be on the 9 am shuttle out of there for a greyhound bus.

We booked this room purely because of the cheap price the offered the double room at $60 per night. However there seemed to be no friendly and homely feeling to this hostel with our room being in such a strange place. It left me feeling a little disappointed by the place and very glad we were only spending a night here. The location however was beautiful, right by the river and in the Noosaville area – if it wasn’t for this hostel we would never have seen this area of Noosa.

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  1. 5th January 2013 / 1:13 am

    How funny, I think I stayed in the same place when I was in Noosa 4 years ago. I actually kind of liked the separation as it wasn’t as loud. Looks like some things have changed and maybe you were there during the change! Oh well!

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