Surfers Paradise Backpackers Resort Review

Surfers Paradise Backpackers Resort Review

We took a lucky guess booking a hostel in Surfers Paradise, but our lucky guess paid off for what we wanted out of a hostel here. After the madness of Byron Bay we were after a chill out and relax and that is exactly what we got. With the luck of our room and the whole hostel being like a complex you were spaced out and most of the noise was kept to the main bar area.

We didn’t do an awful amount of socialising with the others staying here as we were staying away from drinking for a few days and with our own kitchen wanted to make full use of such a clean cooking area. The whole place felt very relaxed – there were activities organised most nights it seemed; this hostel also had the luxury of free wifi.

The main staff of the backpackers resort were very friendly and relaxed, although you did have to pester to get information of what to do around Surfers and how to get to places. There seemed to be a lot of backpacker staff here who did small jobs around the hostel but we didn’t spend enough time socialising to find out the ins and outs.

Communal Areas
This hostel was very much a resort style place with a pool and decking area for sunbathing, a tennis court/volleyball/basketball, a games room and on site bar. There was a TV room with table tennis in the basement and we saw a sign for a sauna although never investigated that further so not sure if it worked. There seemed to be plenty of things to do in the hostel itself as well as the beach being a five minute walk away.

Our Room
We had a double room for $74 per a night but it wasn’t any old double. It was an ‘apartment’ style room with two bedrooms, one our room with a double bed and the other a twin room. The two rooms then shared a kitchen, bathroom, lounge with TV and balcony. It was very private and away from those who just wanted to party and drink constantly, which was exactly what we needed. You really felt like you were getting your money’s worth rather than having a double room joined onto a noisy dorm.

Unfortunately this is a very one sided review as for once we were that annoying couple who just wanted to chill out together, watch a film or cook a nice dinner. But from what I saw I would say it had a pretty good social side to it, with organised ‘big nights out’ twice a week and its own on site bar, there was something to do if you were the party kind too. We decided to take a day trip to Wet ‘ n ‘ Wild the water park not having a clue how to get there. The hostel were very helpful and luckily the bus stop was located just across the road from the hostel – making it a perfect location if you wanted to visit any of the theme parks.

I would recommend this hostel, especially if you want a chill out with a double room in a nice apartment style block, but if you are looking for a party hostel you might want to check some other reviews first.

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