Nimbin – Grasshopper Tour Style

Nimbin – Grasshopper Tour Style

We took this trip from Byron Bay and it lasted pretty much a full day. Was Nimbin everything I expected? And were we glad we chose grasshoppers’ over the Nimbin shuttle bus? After being picked up from our hostel and handing over the free voucher we had acquired due to booking Fraser Island and Whitsundays the day before (it was $45 otherwise). We made a few more stops for the other hostel pickups and then we were off, the bus was completely full and loud tunes were being blasted.

We soon stopped at our first stop – the bottle shop in Bangalow for some cider or beer or anything that took your fancy. Then it was off to a waterfall the temperature had soared that morning so by the time we arrived here all of us were ready for a cool down. Due to regulations we were not allowed to go rock jumping but we all had a nice swim and play in the waterfall and its surrounding pools.

Next stop was the dam for a bbq lunch. The views were beautiful and there were several walks we could go on, but most of us only went as far as the dam and came back to wait for lunch. The tour guy cooked up an awesome bbq and there was plenty of food for everyone even if we were short on plates. By now it was around 2 pm so after clearing up the lunch things we headed off for Nimbin.

We arrived in Nimbin around 3 pm in the baking hot heat. Before we got off the bus to explore we had some advice from the tour guide about eating too many cookies, buying shrooms or going for a walk with a hippie in to the mountains to talk about feelings. If you did go in to the mountains with a hippie the guy said not to worry he would be round again tomorrow with a tour and would pick us up then – but that didn’t happen to anyone this time.

Nimbin is a nice, old and small village with a lot of history, the only reason they are on the map is due to the Aquarius festival in the early 70’s. I found it pretty fascinating to learn about the history of the town. The day we were there seemed very quiet compared with what I had imagined but maybe that was just what it’s like all the time? Unfortunately we had missed the Sunday markets by a day, so after an hour of walking the one street of town and popping our heads in all the rainbow coloured shops we were pretty bored.

You had the norm of what I expected people offering you cookies or weed but nothing was as obvious as I expected it to be. Then again this was still a town when marijuana is still illegal and the police could come round any time. Despite this from the minute you step off the bus you can smell weed in the air and that smell hangs in the air the whole time you are in the village. There were a lot of hippies who lived in the village but I was baffled by how many children seemed to live there too.

I loved this sign

After our hour and 30 minutes it was time to head back to Byron Bay but by that point everyone had seen Nimbin and ready to go. Thankfully no one on our tour over did the cookies and we had a very quiet and pleasant drive back. We were given a free voucher for dinner at Cheeky Monkeys and dropped off back at our hostel where we started.

All in all the day was a blast; I loved the waterfall and being able to swim around there on such a hot day. We got to see beautiful country side we would have never seen otherwise. And to find out exactly what Nimbin was all about. The village wasn’t quite as I imagined it – I thought it would be livelier, more people wanting to talk to you and more obvious signs of people selling cookies ect.

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