Kunsthaus Tacheles – In Photos

Kunsthaus Tacheles – In Photos

Back in 2010 I spent a week exploring Berlin on a Art Trip with Uni, this was one of my first trips abroad where I really explored a city and loved the feel of travel.

I visited all parts of the city, but my favourite place was Kunsthaus Tacheles other wise known as ‘The Art House’. This is a large building located on Oranienburger Straße in the district known as Mitte. It is a place of history and straight talking – originally a Jewish department store called ‘Friedrichsstadtpassagen’ however during the world war it became a Nazi prison before it was partially demolished. When the Berlin wall came down, this building was taken over my Artist who lived and worked together – it was basically a squat. These days it has become a popular tourist attraction and art centre which houses various artists selling their work to the public.

I loved this building, and for once listened to the speech we were given on the history of the place – now I’m someone who cant listen to long speeches so this was a miracle!

Here are some of my favourite shots I took inside the building, I loved photographing this place – it was covered in graffiti!

This open and free Art space gave somewhere for artist to express themselves and share their work with others.

The backyard was full of old cars, debris and rubble sculptures, a cafe and workshops for artists. The atmosphere was great and the artist were more than happy to talk.

Sadly since I visited in 2010 this place is no longer the same, in 2008 the lease with the property owner expired and the future was uncertain, this was even the case when I was there. However last year everything changed  evictions were scheduled but never happened, instead several payments were made for people to leave peacefully. A 3m wall was built separating the Oranienburger Straße from the building’s courtyard and all that was left was around 80 Artists. That was until the 4th Septmeber 2012 when the remaining artists left peacefully after pressure from the owner. They have since set up an Online Communtity.

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