My Packing List – Getting The Balance Right

My Packing List – Getting The Balance Right

When you are going away on an 8 to 12 month trip to work and travel getting that balance right is hard. You don’t want to take too many work only clothes but you also don’t want to take only clothes to travel in of which none is suitable to work in. Below I have spilt up my packing in to sections and photographed it. This is my third time of going away and using this bag – this trip is the longest I will do, but the emptiest my bag has ever been!

My Bag is a Berghaus Jalan Travel Pack 65l (+ 15 Add On – which I have never used!), It has wheels and rucksack straps making it easy to get around with depending on the situation.

My carry on is an OBS London Olympic rucksack, with lots of padding, adjustable straps and a compartment for my laptop.

Clothing – Tops

1 x Hoodie, 1 x Leopard Print Cardi, 1 x Denim Shirt, 1 x Kaftan and 1 x Stripey Jumper

1 x Leopard Print Strapless, 2 x Cropped T.shirts, 4 x Vests and 3 x T.Shirts

Clothing – Dresses

1 x Long Dress, 1 x Leopard Print Jumpsuit and 1 x Leopard Print Dress

Clothing – Bottoms

1 x Leopard Print Bottoms, 1 x Jeans, 3 x Shorts and 1 x Leggings

Clothing – Underwear, Pjs, Swimwear

1 x Long PJ Bottoms, 1 x Short PJ Bottoms, 1 x PJ Top, 1 x Bikini, 3 x Bras, 1 x Sports Bra, 10 x Pants and 5 x Socks

Other Items In My Main Bag

1 x Toiletries Bag (Most things in here are half used), 1 x Pack of Cards, 1 x Bananagrams (you never know when you might need a game to play), 1 x First Aid Kit (when you are as accident prone as me you have to carry one of these) and 1 x Sleeping Bag (I refuse to Greyhound overnight without one!)

1 x Dr Martens, 1 x Converse, 1 x Sandals, 1 x Beach Towel and 1 x Scarf


1 x IPod Classic 160 GB + Headphones + Lead, 1 x Acer 11″ Laptop + Charger + Skin, 1x Camera bag with Zoom Lens, Fish Eye Lens, Standard Lens and 550D Canon + Charger, 1 x Getty Images Manfrotto Hand Tripod and HTC Phone for WIFI

Hand Luggage

1 x Sunglasses, 1 x Prescription Glasses, 1 x Head Torch, 1 x Pressure Point Travel Bands, 1 x Make Up Bag, 1 x Purse, 1 x Passport, 1 x Document Wallet – With Everything I Need, 1 x Compact Camera, 1 x Money Belt (Or whatever you like to call them), Travel Journal and Australia Guide Book and Map

And all of this fits in here, with a fair amount of space!


  1. 9th October 2012 / 1:41 pm

    I love this sort of thing! Great post xx

  2. 17th September 2013 / 2:48 pm

    Great post. I am wondering where you put your laptop and camera bag respectively!

  3. Zoë
    29th October 2014 / 8:08 am

    Brilliant post! Thanks so much for sharing that 🙂

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