My Favourite Things To Do In London

My Favourite Things To Do In London

My favourite thing to do in London is walk. Yes I know sounds mad in a city with such a great transport system, but I would never had learnt my way around the city so well if it wasn’t for the amount I like to walk. My love for walking might have a bit to do with the fact I hate the tube but it is also a brilliant way to save some money.

Recently I have been going out and building up my photo catalogue of London this means I normally take a bus in to a central area and then walk. I have been known to walk over 7 miles in one day once. It’s a great way to keep fit and get some much needed fresh air too but my main reason for walking is because you get to explore on your own terms, you get to find those silly backstreets no one else knows about and you get to stop and look at anything interesting you see instead of driving past it and having to wait for the next stop. It is possible to get around central London very easily walking if you have time and a good sense of direction. It’s actually not very far between Southbank and Covent Garden or Leicester Square and Oxford Street or Liverpool Street and London Bridge, bet you didn’t know that from looking at a tube map. I didn’t know any of this until one day I walked it and realised it wasn’t far at all. The tube is disconcerting and makes distances seems much further than what they really are.

Thames Path

One of my favourite walks is the Thames path London Eye to Tower Bridge, there are some many London landmarks along the river and of course a handful of famous bridges. Both north and south of the river have a path you can follow, occasionally it detours away from the river slightly but is well signposted until you get back to the river. You can make it as short or as long as you want with exits off the path at every bridge but with places to eat and drink along the river it makes a great full day out.

Covent Garden to Oxford Street

I love this walk, you head down Neal Street which barely has any traffic on and then once you get half way down the road becomes completely closed to traffic. You can find all sorts of quirky shops lining the streets some well-known brands others just selling all types of tea-bags as well as a few cafes dotted along the way. You reach Oxford Street at the Tottenham Court Road end and then it’s a short walk along the street before you hit Oxford Circus and the hub of central Oxford Street.

Liverpool Street to London Bridge

This walk is in a very business part of town, and on the weekends has a completely different atmosphere to the weekdays. In the week it is a hustle and bustle of workers in suits living the business class life. Wherever you look there are buildings towering over you and construction work for more taking place. One of the great pieces of architecture can be found here to, the Gherkin. Making your way to the river you’ll pass monument and see some great views of the newly finished Shard. Makes sure you cross over London Bridge to get a glimpse of Tower Bridge.

These are just a few walks I have done to give you an idea of what you can do. There are so many fun and exciting back streets that I have found from walking, I have got lost countless times or ended up somewhere I never expected but that’s the joys of seeing a city on foot. When I used to visit growing up I would take the tube to everywhere but there really is no need, many of the main sights to see are close enough to walk between and you never know what you might find on your walk between them.

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  1. 5th October 2012 / 8:17 am

    I was living in London and loved it, is one of my favourite cities, I just wish to come back one day! In Barcelona there is the tower Agbar and is very similar the one you show, maybe is the same arquitect.
    Have a nice day 😉

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