Staying In One Place for Too Long

Staying In One Place for Too Long

Staying In One Place for Too Long, Starting a New Career and Building a Life in a New City

Since I returned from America on the 20th September 2011 I haven’t stayed in anyone place for very long, until I moved here to London. I have now been here 5 months and its killing me. Everything is too familiar, day to day life has formed a solid routine and my hate for the tube only grows. All of this has been making me grumpy for the past month but it’s taken me a month to work that out. I’m just someone who always needs to be on the move, be that in my life personally or in physical terms of travelling.

In September I returned from a 3 month adventure in the USA, spent a month at my parents in the New Forest and then moved to Edinburgh where I spent 4 months. I found myself a flat share paying a mere £305 a month and decided to get saving again I made a career as a nanny as well as working in a pub and for an agency. I had some great times living in Edinburgh, there were many things I loved about living here and got to experience one of the best Scottish festivals; Hogmanay. When March came and I left for London I had saved more than I could have imagined, built a career with very little experience and survived living 400 miles away from home for 4 months. I could have happily at the time stayed longer but looking back in hindsight I’m glad I left when I did instead of beginning to hate the city and needing to move on. 4 months felt like long enough to get to know a city but never get bored, even on my last night there I still got lost!

At first living in London was exciting and new and fun. We weren’t concentrating on saving money as much we saw old friends, went on nights out and took trips home. I continued my career as a nanny but soon started to regret this when I found myself without a social life. I have struggled with that ever since, having barely made a handful of friends in this huge city. Soon I was back to saving money with the idea of heading to Sydney for Christmas and New Year, the boy and I really worked at this, our nights out stopped and we worked on other ways to save money while living in London. It wasn’t long before our Christmas trip had been brought forward to October (when his job finishes) and we were thinking about working once we got there. The plan soon became a reality and by June we had a *new adventure* to look forward to. I figured that would get me over the blues of staying in one place for too long, but oh so soon June the 18th arrived and marked a year since I left for camp last year. It has had me longing that I was at camp and not stuck in a city working my ass off. Australia and the trip seemed a million miles away, it still seemed like some silly dream that wasn’t going to happen. The Olympics came and for 2 weeks the city changed, everyone was happy, everything was different and part of the mundane feeling of life disappeared. But not having tickets just made me angry I was in the same city as something amazing but not getting to experience it.

Finally 2 weeks ago I applied for my working visa and for the first time I really let myself believe the next adventure is happening. I let myself accept that the reason I’m unhappy is because I am bored and frustrated at being in the same place for so long. At the beginning of August the trip seemed so long away, now only a few weeks later it feels so close. Every weekend until I move out is booked up, we then have a 2 day trip to Edinburgh planned as well as a week with the family before we go for what could be up to a year.

When I first moved out everyone thought I was crazy following the boy from camp to Edinburgh. Since then I have learnt how to build a new life in 2 different cities, start a career with very little experience and really excel at it and to save money for the next trip all at the same time. It wasn’t until I looked back on it all this past week I realised how much I have accomplished in the last year not how much I have missed out on this summer.

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