A weekend in the Forest of Dean

A weekend in the Forest of Dean


It was the last weekend of August, and after a tough month in the city we were heading for the Forest of Dean in Gloucester to spend the weekend in a Cabin with my family. Taking the train from Paddington, London we had a 2 hour journey until we would arrive at the station and from there it was then a 30 minute car ride. Once we arrived the journey didn’t matter we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere with a beautiful cabin and hot-tub for the next few days.

Our Bedroom

We had booked a Silver Birch Cabin with Forest Holidays it was spacious and clean to most peoples standards except my Mum’s, the only drawback was that 2 of the 3 bedrooms were twin singles. Once arriving I had no phone signal but we had bought the wifi and films package for £30 extra so we could at least get online if we wanted to – still I really wasn’t bothered about either. It was so nice to be out the city but to be in somewhere so beautiful was a huge luxury. The only noise was music coming from a neighbouring cabin otherwise it was deadly silent. We quickly headed to test the hot tub, this was out on the decking and in the dark you could hardly see the nearest cabins surrounding us. Despite the cold night temperature it was lovely in the hot tub and a brilliant way to relax on a Friday night. It made me realize why people living in the city escape every weekend if they can afford to.

Our Hot Tub

The next morning we took a wander around the site, there were around 100 cabins on site as well as a caravan area and also a shop, café and bike rental hunt. After renting a bike to go with the 3 my Dad had brought up the boys and I headed out to another forest which had great bike riding tracks. I had not ridden bike in over 2 years and felt very unsure about what I had just agreed to do!! Once we got into the forest, we took our pick of tracks and headed on down – BIG MISTAKE – the day we were there was the practice day of a downhill race weekend, we managed to end up on their track and get very much in the way.  This was a course marked out for professionals not someone who hadn’t been on a bike in years. We soon got out of the course and headed for the cycle centre where we found a track we would be able to manage. This was a lot more fun, the hills were a bit steep but the downhill was manageable unlike the first track – I was proud of myself for not once getting off and pushing! We spent around 3 hours overall out on the bikes, this included a few rests and having to fix 2 punctures. Along the way we managed to make friends with another family on the trail they had their son with them who was 9 and doing as well as me!

The bikes were a little muddy afterwards.

After such a fun and strenuous ride we were all in need of a rest however once I got off the bike I realised I could not sit down – I had not been on a bike for that long I got saddle sore! Ouch. That aside we spent the remainder of the day in and out the hot tub, cooking barbecue and relaxing. This was the first time in over a month I has spent more than one night out of London, it really did feel great to be surround with quiet.

The Cabin

The weekend came and went oh so quickly, and before we knew it was Sunday evening and we were on a train back to London even though we really didn’t want to be, it was one of those weekends that you just never wanted to end. The cabin was eco-friendly and modern, the whole site was friendly and each cabin was nicely spaced out set in the heart of the Forest of dean. It was the perfect place to spend a weekend out of the city.


  1. 11th September 2012 / 11:17 am

    I’m from this part of the world so lovely to see the Forest of Dean getting a mention on a travel blog and glad you enjoyed it!

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