Introducing ‘The Little Backpacker’

Introducing ‘The Little Backpacker’

Introducing ‘The Little Backpacker’ and what you can expect from the site in the next few months

I’m Jodie, a twenty something English girl. In 2010 I took a trip to Volunteer in South Africa instead of taking up my degree to study fashion, ever since I have had the ‘travel bug’ and intent upon finding the rest of the world, my career path has been long forgotten. One day I’ll go back and find my career until then I am happy travelling the world. On my blog you can read posts about: living and working at a Summer Camp in Northern Michigan, Road-tripped around the West Coast of America, Travelling solo in America for 10 days, My time living Edinburgh & London and What I’m doing next!

I made this blog mostly as a way to keep friends and family up to date with my next trip, but during the making of it I have realised how much I’m enjoying it, and how much I have to write about from previous trips. So slowly this is becoming a website packed with stories before I even leave. In the next 2 months you can expect to read about the preparing, the planning, the packing, the saving and the excitement of starting yet another new chapter in my crazy life.

I have several features I am running on this site such as Super Seven Sunday and Photo of the Week along with publishing a lot of photo essays. I am a photographer at heart and like how photo essays put across a story as well as show off my photos.

GUEST POSTS: You will see many post from my boyfriend JP ‘The Boy’ he has some excellent blogs about last summer’s road trip and I will be uploading these on the date they happened a year ago – so keep your eyes peeled for these. He will be travelling alongside me on our new adventure, so looking out for tips travelling as a couple and how we are managing to make it work.

Since starting my blog a month ago, I have 35 posts, 3 pages, 6 categories and 82 tags most of these posts feature South Africa or America as these are my 2 most recent trips. But I have also been talking a lot about London and the Olympics.

I would love to make this site successful and be able to guest post on other travel blogs that I have been reading for months, some even years. But of course all that takes years and right now I’m just starting out.

I would LOVE feedback on any part of my site.
And before you say anything getting myself a domain is top of my list.

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