Festival DO’S and DON’TS

Festival DO’S and DON’TS

I have been to Reading Festival (UK) 3 times, Nass (UK), Hackney Weekend (UK) and Blissfest (USA).

Here are some do’s and don’ts I wish people told me before I went!

  1. DON’T over pack! – I did this for my first festival, it just meant I struggled to carry my bag and left half of the stuff behind when I came home, all you really need is some clothes, food, alcohol a tent and a sleeping bag.
  2. DON’T get really drunk in the middle of the day – Again something I did at my first festival, it meant I passed out and ended up missing all the good music that day and felt horrific for Sunday night riots.
  3. DO take some wellies – The only footwear I ever take, just the smallest bit of rain can turn the fields in to mud, plus I would never go in the toilets in flip flops YUCK!
  4. DO camp as near to the arena as possible – This means you can see the main stage, catch a bit of action from your tent and you have less distance to walk between the two.
  5. DO arrive early – If you want a good spot to camp in you need to have someone save you a space or arrive for gate opening time.
  6. DON’T waste all your money on alcohol in the arena – Buy booze from the local stores and drink before you go in the arena then work out when you have a break in good bands and go back to your tent and top up.
  7. DO bring a little cooker – The ones that run off tablets and are pretty small, you can heat all sorts on these saving you money on over priced food.
  8. DO take dry shampoo – A little bit of this every day and my hair is good for the whole weekend.
  9. DON’T take your favourite clothes – Yes it is a huge fashion show for girls, but seriously if it’s muddy they will never come clean again. Be practical with colours and what will keep you warm.
  10. DON’T bother with a handbag – It just gets in the way, stops you from jumping around and having as much fun. Just pop your phone and some money in your bra or wellies.
  11. DO buy a program – It will last all weekend (hopefully), you will be the most popular among your friends and you don’t risk missing your favourite band because you remembered the time wrong.
  12. DON’T crowd surf – Security will only haul you over the barrier and then you’re at the back of the crowd!
  13. DO try and get to the front – Nothing beats the feeling you get of being front row for your favourite band, it’s worth a go most people will let you push past.
  14. DON’T be scared of the ‘Last’ night riots – They are bit of drunken fun, join in and get silly.
  15. DO Take a camera – I always take a disposable its half the fun coming home and seeing the awful drunken pictures a week later.
  16. DON’T waste all your time at camp – You have paid good money to see the bands so go and see them, even if your friends don’t just make friends with people in the crowd. I did this once and got on a stranger’s shoulders to see Kings Of Leon.
  17. DO have fun and plan to meet your friends – Every year I have been to Reading festival I have always been part of a massive group of friends, for me this has always made it a lot more fun.

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