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A little about The Little Backpacker

I’m Jodie and I am behind this blog The Little Backpacker. I have been blogging on various platforms since 2006 and finally started The Little Backpacker in 2012 after I fell in love with travel.

The Little Backpacker is a travel focused blog thats aims to inspire and inform people to not get bogged down in one place. Content focuses on destination itineraries, living aboard tips and helpful information. The Little Backpacker began as a way to document my ‘gap year’ to friends and family but has since evolved into a travel blog that focuses on budget, adventure and expat life. I aim to show you that you don’t have to quit your career to travel the world. My audience is mainly women aged 18 – 34 who live in UK, USA or Australia.

It is very important for me that any trip, product or review is travel related and fits the niche of my blog.

All reviews will be my honest opinion and each blog will include a disclaimer 

I do not accept guest post.

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