What’s Inside My Camera Bag 2018

What's Inside My Camera Bag 2018

It’s been a long time since I wrote one of these posts and after updating my camera last month I thought I’d share with you what I’m using.

I’ve made some big changes with my kit recently changing from a DSLR body to a mirrorless body. There have been a few reasons for this change but the biggest one is the weight of the camera. My previous Canon 70D was heavy and big. There was no way of hiding it whilst travelling and it kinda shouted ‘hello, look I’m expensive’. Also my dad got a mirrorless camera for Christmas and the image quality was far better than I’d imagined so I decided to make the leap.

Let’s dive into my camera bag and talk a little more about my choice of mirrorless camera.

What's Inside My Camera Bag 2018

  1. Canon M5
  2. Joby Gorillapod
  3. Go Pro 6
  4. Selfie sticks
  5. Rav Power Bank

What’s Inside My Camera Bag 2018

1. Canon M5 with 18mm – 150mm and UV filter | Buy here

Canon have a range of mirrorless cameras but as the geek I am I had to have the best one of the lot. According to the guy in London Camera Exchange (I always buy from these guys as I can trade in my old body and lenses) the M5 was the best mirrorless body at the time. I then opted for the more expensive lens which was very similar in size to my last one. As someone who travels a lot I much prefer to have a one lens fits all kit. I’ve found otherwise I end up changing lens in places you shouldn’t (like on a windy beach when the sand is blowing everywhere).

I’ve been using the M5 for a month or so now and I’m loving it. Compared to the 70D it offers all the thing things I loved: wifi, LCD screen that flips out for selfies, quick change between video and photo, great quality for pictures, fully manual settings (as well as auto), viewfinder (the only mirrorless camera that comes with one as standard) and the same interface as all other Canon cameras.

What's Inside My Camera Bag 2018

The only areas I feel it lacks is that the body is smaller and therefore not as protective as the 70D was, something I consider as small price to pay for much less weight. And the camera takes longer to respond between shots, the viewfinder is actually digital so has to ‘re-load’ after every shot. Not really much of an issue as I don’t shoot sports or action very often.

As for vlogging, the M5 is brilliant, it’s lightweight so I can hold it in one hand without shaking, the screen moves in many different directions meaning I can shoot from different angles easily and the mic picks up sound well.

Overall, I’m loving the M5 so far, the lightweight body makes it perfect for travelling and the quality is good enough that I still feel like I’m shooting on a DSLR. For anyone considering the switch I’d say do it, especially if you’re wanting something smaller and lighter.

What's Inside My Camera Bag 2018

Go Pro 6 | Buy here

The Go Pro 6 was actually a Christmas present, I’d been saying I wanted to upgrade my Go Pro before the Maldives but JP surprised me with a new one at Christmas. I’m loving it! After having the Hero 3+ there are so many changes for me, the biggest being that it now comes with an LCD screen on the back. Another great change with the Go Pro is the quality of the video and film, it is now a 4k camera so has a far better quality than my last Go Pro.

The interface of the camera is still quite similar making it easy to transition from one to the other, however, there are several additional features too which enhance the camera. Another great edition to this is that the manual for the camera is built in so no need to read a whole book to understand how to work this camera, you can just learn on the go.

The main downside to this camera is that the battery doesn’t seem to last long, especially if you forget to turn it off!


Joby Gorillapod | Buy here

I love this tripod and the flexibility it has. If there isn’t any where to pop up a tripod then this is the perfect accessory as it can attach to literally anything. I do have the biggest size of this tripod as I used to use it with my DSLR camera so it’s a little big for my current kit but I still wouldn’t be without.

Veho Tripod Set | Buy here

I mentioned this in my last camera bag post and I’m still using it. The tripod and extendable handle are brilliant for travelling because they are so small and light weight but offer a tall tripod if fully expanded. I mostly use this with my Go Pro as it’s not that strong.

What's Inside My Camera Bag 2018

Various Go Pro Accessories | Buy here

I’m sure like any Go Pro owners I also have a selection of accessories. Although I don’t carry these on me all the time I do have a few favourites. The little orange pole that stops the Go Pro from sinking, the hand grip and the one with the suction mount which I regularly use on road trips.

Rav Power Bank | Buy here

This works a treat for charging my Go Pro and iPhone and means I don’t run out of power when I most need it. I do find using the wifi on my camera and iPhone does drain my iPhone battery. It also has the biggest battery meaning I can use it for multiple charges before having to re-charge the bank.

What’s inside your camera bag? Do you use any of the same equipment that’s inside my camera bag?


What's Inside My Camera Bag 2018

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