5 Trips I Want to Take After Graduation

5 Trips I Want to Take After Graduation

I can’t actually believe it but I will graduate this coming July. My teaching degree will be over and I can finally go back to being an adult with a real job and pay check, albeit restricted holiday time. Still before I do become a grown up again I feel like I should be able to treat myself to a big trip. You know one of those big bucket list ticks that costs more than you would normally allow yourself to spend. The problem, of course, is that I can only have one of these holidays and I have multiple ideas already.

Just incase you also happen to be planning a graduation present to yourself or just a bit of a special trip, here are my ideas.

5 Trips I Want to Take After Graduation

Graduation - Africa

Cape Town and Safari in South Africa

South Africa was one of the first trips I took abroad without my family and it is the reason I am now obsessed with travel. During this trip I got to visit Cape Town for a mere 48 hours, so what better reason to return and explore a bit more. The city has also been named as one of Lonely Planet’s top cities for 2017. This is also a city my boyfriend hasn’t been to so I would love to show him around the city I think rivals Rio in beauty. Finally no trip to South Africa is complete without a safari trip, I would be happy to do a small reserve to keep the cost down but ideally I would love to head to Kruger National Park and spend a few days on a game drive.

Graduation - Africa

Volunteering in Tanzania and visiting Zanzibar

The other thing about my trip to South Africa was that I spent five weeks there volunteering and I would love to be able to do that again. When I picked my volunteering trip in SA this one in Tanzania was my second option and one I would love to do before becoming a full time teacher. It is partly because of that volunteering trip that I applied to become a teacher and now, fully qualified, I feel like I could give more back to the communities. There is a volunteer program that helps in a township school near Mt Kilimanjaro and then afterwards you get to visit the beautiful island of Zanzibar. Of course if I was this close to the mountain I’d love to climb that too.

Graduation - Michigan Sunrise

Returning to Michigan and Camp

After returning to Michigan last summer I realised just how much I love the state and how much of a special place it is for my boyfriend and I (we met at camp in MI). We have so many friends there and if I was heading there around graduation time camp would be in full swing and trust me I need no excuse to visit camp again. While I spent a whole summer in the state and then returned last year there is still a lot to see and do in this small part of America so I’d love to hire and car and get to know my favourite state even more.

Graduation - Bali

Relaxing in Bali

After three years of slogging away at this degree I kinda feel like maybe I just need a proper holiday. You know the kind where you sit on the beach every day and devour several books. Who am I kidding? I could probably only manage that for a few days. Still Bali has been high on my travel list for some time and I feel like it could be the perfect place to relax and explore. It would also be a new country for me and one I am gutted we missed during our time in South East Asia previously.

Graduation - inter-railing

Inter-railing through Europe

An alternative to the above ‘holidays’ is the idea of throwing on my backpack, buying a few weeks inter-railing pass and travelling through a chunk of Europe I am still yet to see. I love the idea of really ‘travelling’ around and not spending too much time in one place but equally Europe is a place I could easily visit while holiday down a full time teaching job in the UK. Then again I wouldn’t be able to spare the chunk of time needed to really see Europe through inter-railing.

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Have you taken any of the above trips? Which one do you think I should do?



  1. 11th April 2017 / 2:18 pm

    I was on Bali last summer and although I only had two weeks there, I loved it!
    Hope you get to Bali this year, its wonderful!

  2. 4th August 2017 / 1:05 am

    I did South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia in 2 weeks with a Canadian travel company called G Adventures. It was great and not too expensive considering my student budget. We did tons of safaris, sight seeings and we learned so much from our tour guide! I strongly recommend!

    • Jodie Louise
      8th August 2017 / 9:28 am

      This sounds amazing! I never made it to Africa after graduation so will keep this in mind for future planning.

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