Budget for a Weekend in Copenhagen

Budget for a Weekend in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is known for being a expensive city but I didn’t find it as atrocious as I thought I would. When you compare the things we were doing and eating with the same things in London they were only marginally more expensive. It certainly isn’t cheap like much of Europe is but it isn’t as expensive as I had previously thought.

One thing that makes Copenhagen a popular choice for many people are the cheap and easy flights into the city. When searching ‘everywhere’ on the Skyscanner app I regularly see Copenhagen flights for under £50, making it a popular choice if looking for the cheapest flights. However, not everyone makes the most of these cheap flights as they fear about the price once there. Below I have outlined what we spent while in the city and how you could save money in places we spent quite a bit. There were also something we did because it was winter and freezing out, so you could potentially save money by visiting in summer.

Pre-trip Spendings

Flights: £103.48 for return flights for two with Easyjet

Accommodation: £127 for a private room in Generator Hostel

To save money you could book a dorm bed instead of a private room. 

Insurance: I get this free with my bank for Europe trips. If you are a UK resident I would highly recommend using a bank that offers free Europe travel insurance to save money of those weekend breaks

Total pre-trip for 2 people £230.48

Copenhagen Spendings over three days for two people


Day 1

Snack at the Christmas market for 2 Dkk 80

Afternoon Tea at Nimb with champagne Dkk 806 – (This was a real treat and something that doesn’t need to be spent, instead we could have just had a bigger snack at the Christmas market)

Burgers (x2) at Cock’s and Cows with side, beer and gløgg Dkk 388

Day 2

Breakfast at Hafnia: 2x hot chocolate and 2x breakfast dishes Dkk 195

Danish Pastries (x2) Dkk 60

Dinner at Höst: 5 Course meal and glass of wine for 2 Dkk 1000 – (This was another treat as we wanted to sample a ‘typical’ Danish meal, this restaurant was described as for modest budgets but it was still very expensive. To save money we could have found a similar priced place to the previous night).

Day 3

Breakfast at Hafnia: 2x hot chocolate and 2x breakfast dishes Dkk 210

Lunch at Copenhagen Street Food Market for 2 Dkk 170

2x Sandwich and juice Dkk 169

Total Dkk 3078

If you took into account my money saving suggestions then your total could be as little as Dkk 1800


Coffee Dkk 49

2x gløgg with rum at Tivoli Gardens Dkk 110

2x gløgg at Tivoli Gardens Dkk 80

Coffee and lemonade Dkk 72

4x gløgg in a pub Dkk 260

2x hot chocolate Dkk 98

2x gløgg Dkk 110

2x water at airport Dkk 63

We drank a lot of gløgg and hot drinks because it was so cold outside and we needed to warm up a lot. It was also Christmas time so wanted to enjoy the Danish version of mulled wine. We could easily have found another way to keep warm instead of spending so much money of drink. 

Total Dkk 842

If you didn’t have any alcohol while in Copenhagen then your total could be as little as Dkk 282


Tivoli park entrance for 2 Dkk 220

Grosenborg castle for 2 Dkk 175 (I used my student ID to get a reduced entrance at the castle.)

Entry to the Round Tower for 2 Dkk 50

Total Dkk 445


2x metro ticket from airport to hostel Dkk 72

2x metro ticket from hostel to airport Dkk 72

We walked everywhere in the city, the only time we paid for transport was to get to and from the airport. Copenhagen is a very easy city to walk around with small distances and an easy layout to the city. It is an easy way to save money. We also chose attractions to visit that were within walking distance.  

Total Dkk 144


Locker for luggage before check in Dkk 40

Locker for luggage after check out Dkk 50

Postcard (x2) and shot glass Dkk 34

Total Dkk 124

Total spent in Copenhagen

Total spent for two people Dkk 4633 // £530

Total you could spend if budgetting strictly for 2 people Dkk 2795 // £320

Pre Total   £230.48
Trip Total   + £530

÷ 2

Total for one person for 2 nights and 3 days in Copenhagen £380.24

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