Reasons to Apply to Camp America Next Summer

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I spent one amazing summer at camp in America and very year since I have wished I could return. I am the biggest summer camp advocate and preach to anyone that will listen about how it is the best thing you can do with your summer.

There are a whole heap of reasons why camp is the best but for me the biggest thing about camp has to be the friends made at camp. I would say this because when I was at camp in 2011 I met my boyfriend there (yes, we are still together now), but camp friendships are more than boyfriends. We recently returned to America for the wedding of two camp friends and seeing them after five years didn’t seem weird at all. We slotted right back into the way we were at camp and although so much had happened, it felt like nothing had changed.

I truly believe that camp shaped my twenties and if I hadn’t of gone to camp then the likelihood is my twenties would have been very different. Camp is one of those places that has a profound impact on your life in so many good ways.

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Here are my reasons to apply for Camp America next summer

No surprises that friendship is at the top of my list. 

Meet friends for life – at camp you spend everyday for around two months with these people, that means you have a pretty intense relationship but one that is unique and will last forever.

Travel around America after camp – Want to road trip the west coast? Go gambling in Las Vegas? Hangout on Seattle? Sunbathe in Florida? There are endless possibilities that come with travel after camp.

TOP TIP – don’t book a tour like Trek America you’ll want to plan your travels with the friends you make at camp

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Food and accommodation is provided while at camp –  What is there not to love about free food and accommodation?

Save money because there are little opportunities to spend it – On top of the point above it is likely that you won’t leave camp except on your day off, meaning only one opportunity to spend money a week.

Spend the whole summer outdoors – There is something about being outdoors everyday that is good for the mind and soul. Plus camps are typically in really beautiful locations

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You will get a really good tan – Being outdoors = getting a tan, for starters the States tend to have better weather than the UK. Designated tan time: we also had a ‘rest hour’ where unless you had to supervise the kids time was spent on the dock sunbathing, everyday.

Get to work with people from all over the globe – At our camp you had people from the UK, New Zealand, Spain, France and of course America. These days camps are becoming more diverse in where they employ counsellors from so expect a bigger range.

Be part of an amazing community – Camp is something that is like a religion to these kids, they live the whole year waiting for camp. The kids that go to camp are the community but as counsellors you help the permanent members of camp staff to make that the best community there is.

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Act like a kid for the whole summer – Do I need to explain this anymore? Acting like a kid for the whole summer is basically a dream, right?

Have the most amazing days off – Days off at camp are the most precious time each week and therefore counsellors are determined to make the most of them. From renting cabins in the mountains to staying in huge American houses and driving jet skis, there will be some incredible moments.

American food – I’m not so much referring to the food you get at camp here but the food you will have of those amazing days off or the nights you sneak of camp for another dinner because you just cannot eat salad and sloppy joes for another night.

Show off your talents – Can you sing or dance or preform really well? These skills will be valued and worshipped at camp. Trust me if you can come up with a good skit everyone will want you on their team.

It will look good on your CV – Let’s be serious for a minute, camp gives you multiple experiences for your CV: being a leader, looking after children, working as a team are just a few. I got a job nannying off the back of my experience at camp.

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Learn new skills – You’ll learn the skills I mentioned above for your CV but you might also learn camp skills like archery, sailing, building a camp fire, I even taught some of my fellow counsellors to horse ride.

It is affordable – The program that Camp America run provides your flights to the States, you just have to pay for your visa, police check, medical insurance and some admin fees which work out around £500.

You get paid for doing it – Yep you heard that right, as long as you complete your time at camp you will be paid for all your hard work. Some camps offer bonuses and ways to earn extra money too.

Finally, you will make amazing memories

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And one reason not to

It ruins you for the rest of your life – you will forever be wanting to return each summer, remembering just how good than summer was for the rest of your life while pinning to be able to live in America.

reasons to apply for camp america

Have you been to summer camp? Would you add any more reasons to this list?

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  1. 25th October 2016 / 5:24 pm

    That looks great! looks like you had time of your life! Ive never done it before but I did lived in America for a while and it was great time as well !

  2. Erin
    7th December 2016 / 2:29 am

    Hi Jodie,

    I was just wondering if you’d done a blog post one your travels post-camp. I am heading to camp in 2017(Walden actually), and would be interested to see how you traveled in the period after. Did you stay in the states for very long?

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