The Joys of Escaping London for a Week

The Joys of Escaping London for a Week

Last week was ‘half term’ for me which meant a whole week of no lectures at university, no work and no need to be in London. So I decided to make the most of this time by escaping the city; funds didn’t allow for a cheeky trip abroad so instead I headed back to my home town for a week at my parents’ house. My home town of The New Forest is always a place I love returning to, after all I am far more of a country girl than a city girl. However, I don’t always appreciate it, typically I am too busy rushing around to fit everything in during a weekend trip there. This week long break at home was a little different, I ensured I took time to stop and appreciate everything that is different to my London life.

joys of escaping london for a week

The Joys of Escaping London for a Week in the New Forest

Before I get into the joys, I should maybe explain that my hometown isn’t even a town. In fact it is a very small village where there is a village shop, pub and not much else. The bus runs twice a week and the whole village knows whats up if an emergency vehicle is there. Needless to say it was somewhere that I became frustrated with as a teenager but now can never wait to get back to. 

I get to spend time with the animals (we have cats at home and my mum also has a horse), I grew up surrounded by animals and really miss them in London.

The Joys of Escaping London for a Week

There are so many photo opportunities of sunset/sunrise because I can actually see the horizon – something which is basically impossible in London. Just check out my Instagram feed from last week!

There is less traffic, I cannot hear sirens from my window and there isn’t a plane flying overhead every 4 minutes.

I spend less because there isn’t a high street of shops 5 minutes away, we have a grand total of one shop in the village. (Staying with my parents my also have helped me spend less).

The Joys of Escaping London for a Week The Joys of Escaping London for a Week

I get to spend time with family and friends who I wouldn’t normally see for weeks or months on end.

I relax more in the evenings because I have people to socialise with – in London the person I live with goes to bed mega early and thus my evenings are super boring unless I go out.

The Joys of Escaping London for a Week

Going in the village shop, being greeted by my first name and then spending 10 minutes chatting before leaving without what I went in for.

I spend more time outdoors because of the animals and this forces me to spend more time offline and enjoying my life.

No matter where I run everywhere is beautiful, some places just have killer hills instead.

The weather is always more extreme, with a frost comes a beautiful sunrise, steam rising off the river and ice on the roads.

The Joys of Escaping London for a Week

I can listen to my football team of the radio.

I don’t have to leave an extra 30 minutes to be anywhere incase I hit traffic.

It is super quiet outside the house and you could go a whole day without bumping into another soul.

It leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the city again (well for a few weeks at least).

It still feels like home.

Do you enjoy escaping London for the weekend or week long break? What is your favourite thing about being back in your hometown?

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