Video: Packing for Lisbon in Hand Luggage

Video: Packing for Lisbon in Hand Luggage

I’ve seen a few packing videos doing the rounds by other travel bloggers and I’ve really enjoyed watching them. Feeling inspired I’ve decided to give it a go myself and filmed my packing list for Lisbon. We are spending 7 days in Estoril which is around 30 minutes by train from Lisbon, it is a quite beach town around 2km from Cascais. We are renting an apartment with a pool and plan on fully relaxing with many water based activities. There of course will be some days of exploring Lisbon as well as a trip Sintra.

So taking this in to account here is what I’m packing for Lisbon in order of the video.

Go Pro Hero 3 White Edition with waterproof case, buoyancy attachment and cable

Macbook Pro 13″ and charger

Canon 550D, 18mm-50mm lens and charger

Fit Bit Flex and charger

Multi-country adapter

iPhone 5c and charger

Important documents, boarding passes and passport

Book – Wild and The Rise and Fall of Great Powers

Handbag – purse/euros, notebook and motion sickness bands

Make Up – Superdry bag, blusher, brush, mascara, kirby grips and lip balm

Toiletries – suncream, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, deodorant and toothpaste (all small sizes for hand luggage regulations)

Hairbrush and make up wipes


Bikini and swimming costume from Tesco

Sarong from Thailand

4 x dresses

1 x long jumpsuit

1 x shorts

4 x tops

1 x cardigan

1 x denim jacket

1 x P.Js


1 x black leggings

Flip flops from American Eagle


Case: Hand luggage sized suitcase

Not mentioned but also packed

Lonely Planet Portugal guide book, Magazines, Plasters, Paracetamol, iPod & Headphones.

If this trip was more of a city break then I would probably pack a second pair of shorts and a few more tops instead of four dresses and less beach attire. Otherwise this is a pretty standard list of what I’d pack for a weeks Europe trip in summer.

I also said I would take pictures of what I was packing but I didn’t anticipate packing my case up perfectly the minute I finished the video. Needless to say I haven’t unpacked it since and don’t have any photos.

Is there one item you can’t travel without that I’ve missed?


  1. 20th September 2015 / 8:26 am

    I really like the idea of minimalistic luggage… After carrying so much of luggage and end up wearing few of them.. I feel i should carry essential specially after your video as to how one should pack their bags for Lisbon 🙂 Cheers and thank you

    • Jodie Louise
      21st September 2015 / 5:37 pm

      Thanks, after a summer of travelling with hand luggage I’m starting to get the hang of minimalistic luggage, I too used to be terrible!

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