Top Picks For Edinburgh Fringe

Top Picks For Edinburgh Fringe

Ever since knowing I was going to be in Scotland for August, Edinburgh Fringe has been on my ‘to do’ list. After attending the Adelaide Fringe Festival and Documentary Festival I have a good idea of how fun and quirky they can be and cannot wait to get stuck in. After seeing how alive Glasgow has felt over the last two weeks I cannot wait to visit one of my favourite places and see it just as alive and buzzing. The problem is I don’t really know where to start with this whole Fringe thing. What am I suppose to see? Do I need to book tickets in advance? Should I just see the free things? Should I try and find something I’m interested it? Not gonna lie the other morning when I sat at the computer to do some research it all felt very daunting. Where do I start?!

Well I did what I always do, turned to twitter. I scrolled through the Ed Fringe account, checked out some other Scottish blogs and opened the Fringe website. I don’t really have a preference of what I want to see, I mean I don’t really know what gene I will like best, so I have tried to keep my picks as open as possible.

The Generation of Z: Edinburgh

Be part of a zombie invasion – I cannot decide if this looks absolutely terrifying or absolutely brilliant. Only time will tell if I can find the guts to take part in this interactive show. So far the reviews had been amazing and the video certainly looks impressive. £12

First Class

This is a piece of writing by Edinburgh playwright James Beagon and sounds right up my street. “Three lives, three choices, three trains. As seemingly unconnected people commute to Manchester Piccadilly for their own reasons, hidden stories of loss, guilt and devotion are firmly exposed and unveiled.” FREE

The Cold Clear Elsewhere

This is another storytelling show under theatre – a category which seems to be appealing to me most. The two reviews this show has gotten so far seem to be good too. “Sydney, 1946. Grace is leaving to join the British sailor she impulsively married in wartime. She is excited about London. She is terrified she cannot remember the colour of her husband’s eyes.” FREE


This piece is under the physical theatre, dance and circus and sounds very interesting. “Dole dossers, tramps, scum. Four lives, one street, no money. Join us in a world where there’s constant fighting for the last reduced ready meal, and entertainment consists of filling to the brim with cheap lager. Numbing the pain of hunger is a necessity and the desire for money is rumbling. A gritty insight into the so-called world of the benefits culture, but not as you know it.” They cover a touchy subject and I cannot wait to see how they do it. FREE

Dan Clark: Me, My Selfie and I

In all honesty the only reason I clicked on this one was because I liked the title. Turns out my boyfriend had heard of Dan before and some of his past works. I’m not normally a comedy type of person but the Fringe is all about seeing something you wouldn’t normally so I’m prepared to give this ago. “Dan Clark is back at the Fringe with a show about love, death and crushing loneliness. Sounds like a barrel of laughs right? With his signature style of upbeat, occasionally rude but ultimately heartwarming comedy, this show will leave you feeling good about life.” £8.50-12.50

The Axis Of Awesome: Viva La Vida Loca Las Vegas

Another comedy show this time filled with music. Again my boyfriend knew exactly who they were and if this video doesn’t make you want to see them, then I’m not sure what will.


When it comes to anything involving Alice In Wonderland I’m sold. I have been obsessed with her, the story and everything since I was young and as a teenager it inspired a lot of my art work. Here they bring the story to life with a dark and magical theatre performance of Lewis Carroll’s book. Reviews seem great so far and this is honestly my favourite pick – only problem is the show doesn’t start until midnight and is two hours long – not sure that suits a school night! £14

Virgin Media Half Price Hut

This hut can be found at the Mound Precinct and from the 6th to the 25th will have thousands of half price tickets each day. They will be available from 10 am until 9pm for either that day or the following morning only. View all the ticket listings daily on this page after the 6th.

I’m grateful for the fact I have lived in this city before and vaguely know my way around – I may have gotten lost on my last night of living here! I will be taking the train from Glasgow and spending and few different days here seeing some of the above shows and free street performances. On the occasion that something runs later than the last train I will probably just drive and part around where I used to live as I know it’s all free street parking. I am so excited to get back to Edinburgh this month. 

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Are you going to the Fringe? What are your top picks?

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