The Perfect Smartphone Travel Goodies from Three

The Perfect Smartphone Travel Goodies from Three

IMG_3008I have loved every bit of Three’s marketing campaign so far for their Feel At Home release. I jumped on entering the #holidaybraggie contest and have since been following several bloggers who have been working with Three. So now it’s my turn to promote them with this review for their travel bundle and it couldn’t be any better timed as I’ve switched my personal phone contract to Three as well.

So if someone asked me what goodies I would want to take travelling for my phone it would be exactly what is in Three’s travel bundle pack.


A power pack, portable speaker and waterproof case

Every time I have travelled with my iPhone since getting it ten months ago I have been desperate for a waterproof case. I know I have my Go Pro but that just isn’t the same, I can’t instgram my footage from that and some times I just want to be able to see what I’m taking underwater. I gave the waterproof case a quick test in the bathroom sink with some tissue rather than my precious iPhone – you can never be too care – but not a drop of water escape inside. Knowing the case was ready to be tested out and about I packed it in my bag incase the perfect opportunity arrived. Sure enough with all this hot weather the opportunity to test in arrived quickly in the form of an afternoon of water fun. I work as a nanny so the kids and I got out the paddling pool and water slide before testing out my waterproof case. They just loved being able to watch back their videos, but how did the case fair?

It had a few flaws: my iPhone was a little smaller than the case so it slipped around a bit, the inside did get a little steamed up/damp and the touchscreen was obviously not as responsive as normal – once I remembered to use the button on the side to snap the image that problem was solved quickly however. I loved that the plastic casing did not affect the picture quality at all, the video sound quality is still great and the neck strap provides that bit of safety you need. This waterproof case would certainly handle the demands of a holiday.

From the minute I plugged in the portable speaker I was impressed. The quality was better than any other portable speaker of its size I had used before. It is small enough to fit on my keyring but the sound is brilliant – even my brother who is a bit of a tech geek was impressed with the sound quality of this little thing. It worked brilliantly with my iPhone and the ball shaped casing has a flat bottom for perching it on the table as I listen to my tunes. The speaker comes with a little attachment for my keyring and a headphone jack meaning it will work on so many different devices. The travel pack also includes a charging cable for this little beauty – no replacing batteries every few hours!

The last product in this travel pack was a portable charger – perfect for those long journeys without charging facilities. However the one problem with it is that it will not work with my iPhone 5c nor my boyfriends 3g. It does work perfectly with my brother’s HTC one and my boyfriend’s work phone (although I have no idea what that is!) From the quick little test I have done on their phones it seems to charge but not very fast however it does hold the battery so if you desperate wanted to snap some pictures but only had a few percent left this might be your saviour.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Overall this is a great little travel pack and even better if you don’t have an iPhone – if you purchase one of these from the Three store they might be able to explain the problem or help fix it. It comes with exactly what I would want in a travel pack for my phone. 

View more about the travel bundle here.

Don’t forget about Three’s awesome new Feel At Home package too – offering you standard rates in 16 different countries. I have now moved my contract over to Three myself and cannot wait to start using the Feel At Home package on my next trip!


Disclaimer: I received the Travel Bundle (as well as some beach goodies) free from Three in exchange for a review. However all opinions are my own and I wouldn’t recommend a product I wouldn’t personally use. 

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