A Day At Dreamworld and White Water World On The Gold Coast

A Day At Dreamworld and White Water World On The Gold Coast

IMG_0670Heading to Dreamworld I was pretty excited, having been to Wet n Wild a year or so ago I knew exactly how good the Gold Coast theme parks were. Dreamworld is located a bit further along the highway than Wet n Wild although still on the bus route from Surfers. White Water World is then cleverly next to Dreamworld and attached in the middle, they offer a joint ticket for both parks for the day. This is the ticket we had for the day and were free to wander between both parks, we figured we would do Dreamworld in the morning and White Water World in the afternoon. 

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Dreamworld is the Gold Coasts answer to Disneyland and it certainly felt a lot like it – with the same kinds of buildings and plenty of themed areas from movies. We started from the entrance and worked around in an anti-clockwards direction. Having grabbed a coffee first by the time we hit our first ride The Claw we all instantly regretted drinking our coffee. Feeling a bit queasy after that experience we headed for a few of the tame rides before getting up the courage to go on the rollercoaster. The Cyclone was tamer than it looked and got us all in the mood for some more thrill-tastic rides. Not knowing what the zombie invasion was we headed off to give that ago – and loved it. You had two teams and ran around shooting laser guns at each other’s body tags.


Ending up in the middle of the Dreamworks world we thought we’d give the panda ride a go and oh my gosh, I have never felt so sick on a ride before. Given it was in the kids section it was certainly a lot worse than I imagined! After that we wandered around getting ourselves lost among Shrek and stumbling upon some tigers – where the wardens were trying to keep the two tigers separated, we never did learn what that was about. In need of something a bit tamer we headed for the motorbike ride, log flume and rapids – the only problem was they seemed a little too tame. I made my way on the Buzzsaw on my own – everyone else deciding it looked to scary, of course I loved it. After that I realised any attempt of getting my group on the Giant Drop or Tower Of Terror wasn’t going to work. Deciding it was on my own or nothing I opted for nothing – there is just something about rides that isn’t any fun on your own. IMG_0713

Having completed most of the park, we headed for food before the water park. Unfortunately the food selection was fast food burgers or some not so nice looking sandwiches. Deciding to grab a Juice we made our way for White Water World, we entered through a shop only to be told it was closing in an hour! Somehow time had escaped us and it was 3pm still that meant it closed at 4pm which couldn’t be right?! We hadn’t realised the water park had different opening times to Dreamworld and that we had now left ourselves with only an hour of water fun.

Being mid-week during a school term meant we hadn’t encountered many queues all day typically because we were in a hurry the water park had a few more queues. Still they all passed within 5-10 minutes and within the hour we had done a good chunk of the rides. A few were only open on alternate hours so we didn’t get to experience every ride but given we had an hour it certainly felt like we did a good job. Compared to Wet n Wild I thought the rides were less crazy and of course the park was smaller but when you have Dreamworld next door that’s okay. There was a good amount of different ride types however I’m not sure about the rest of the park as we ran from ride to ride so fast! Just like Wet n Wild the lockers were $10.



Overall we had a great time here but we did find that Dreamworld had little medium scary rides. They all seemed to be either too tame or too scary – there needed to be more Cyclone type rollercoaster I thought. White Water World certainly felt tame compared to Wet n Wild but I liked that it was just fun rather than scary. We really regretted not double checking closing times for both parks although I feel like we should have been told this upon entrance. I felt the food selection was poor but that could have something to do with being spoilt for food choice while on the Gold Coast.

It is a great family day out and the rides would suit younger ones certainly – even I was able to pass on all the ride height restrictions and I’m only 149 cm! The park does cater for the massive adrenaline junkies or the tame ones but if you are looking for something in the middle then you may be out of luck here.


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